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How To Move Across The Country With A Dog

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Moving across the country can sometimes be very daunting without surveying the best moving companies’ queens.  Relocating from one home to another is a very complicated affair for every individual in a family, including parents, kids and pets like dogs. Every family member will be affected in one way or another by the moving, but as a proud dog owner, you should be aware that moving across the country won’t be an easy task for your dog. Some dogs usually have a strong reaction towards the alarming signs. Their heightened sensitivity will make them anxious, confused, stressed out and afraid immediately they discover that something strange is taking place and waiting for them. When you plan to move across the country with your dog, take advantage of the discussed tips in this article to help you make the transitional time easier on your dogs and have a smooth move from the beginning to the end.

1. Make a vet appointment in advance: it is always key for your dogs to get some checkups before moving them across the country. The vet will ensure your dog has received up-to-date on all vaccinations they need and will also prescribe you anxiety medicine for your dog during the moving.

2. Experiment with short trips first: take your dogs on some shorter rides if they have never experienced long car trips before to see their reaction. You can tell a lot from your dog’s body language; you will be able to tell if they are afraid or relaxed by just monitoring their body language.

3. Keep travel rules and weather in mind: if you plan to move across the country with your dog using air, visit airline’s websites and see regulations, they may be having. This may involve your pets’ size, type of breeds allowed on board and even the carrier’s dimension. Always book a direct flight in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler during summer if you plan to have your dog travel in the plane cargo area.

4. Ensure your dog’s car safety: if you plan to move across the country by road, always purchase pet seat belts for your dog. Different states need pet owners to have animals safely restrained in vehicles; you can get your dog a harness, travel crate and a booster seat. Always ensure your dog has familiarized themselves with their carte well before they are transported. Always select the correct crate size. It will also be a good idea for you to get a seat cover and blanket to keep your pet comfortable during the trip; it will help maintain your car cleanliness. Sometimes your dog may become anxious from traveling and decide to run off; therefore, it’s advisable to have a collar with a name tag, your current contact number and the contact number of where you are staying. This will help you not to lose your dog.

Dog car safety

5. Bring familiar items for your dog: always accompany your dog with some of their favorite toys during the move across the country. Remember to carry along the first aid kit and their medications and medical records. The foods and snacks should not be forgotten as well. Your dog should also travel with a familiar scent, you may be sometimes be tempted to wash your dog’s beddings and toys or purchase new items before traveling, but this is never a wise decision. Dogs have a strong sense of smell; therefore, having a familiar scent will minimize anxiety and offer comfort on the journey.  Their normal bed or best toys can be perfect accompaniments during traveling across the country with your dog.

6. Always select a reputable pet transporter: moving across the country requires you to ship your dog to your new abode. You need to transport your dog safely by choosing a reputable provider of pet transport services. The transports providers for pets should always ensure your dog is happy and healthy throughout the journey. Moreover, working together with experienced pet transporters will always offer you peace of mind.

7. Maintain your dog’s routine: your routine will probably start changing within weeks or months before the move. Dogs are incredibly perceptive and will pick up on additional stress levels and changes to their normal routine. Always focus on maintaining your dog’s routine for as long as possible. This will reduce anxiety experienced by your dog and make sure they are not affected by any stress that you are experiencing.

8. Book a Dog-Friendly Hotel: It’s essential to reserve a dog-friendly hotel in advance if you’re taking a trip with your four-legged companion. Not all hotels welcome pets, and those that do frequently have a shortage of pet-friendly lodging options. By making reservations in advance, you can guarantee a comfortable stay for you and your dog while avoiding the stress of scrambling to find a hotel at the last minute.

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