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How to Monitor Employees’ Overtime?

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Business in simple language, is explained as the exchange of products with money, with an aim to earn more profit and making plans on how to reduce loss, this involves risk and a huge investment of time, ideas, and money. It is said that if a person is capable of running any one business well no matter which it is, he is capable of running all businesses as well as monitor employees overtime. Business demands your efforts and sincerity to rise, for better understanding, consider business as a small plant that will grow large if you take care of it properly with dedication and sincerity and make use of the latest technology.

Many people want to make use of two technology in the best way, tracking mobile phones or Android devices is a buzzword today. People spy on others for many reasons, sometimes trust issues lead them to do that, or sometimes parents are more concerned about their child’s personal life. If you are a business owner, then you should be worried about your business security, and weren’t to spy on your employee you have a suspect. So, here we go with the 10 most amazing and most useful tricks to track an Android phone without being detected.

Listen to their Phone calls:

Your employees are very important assets of your organization. They should be loyal and trustworthy to you and your business. They are the ones who are closer to your business data and dealings. We know your employees are loyal to you, we are not saying anything wrong about them but keep in mind the fact that after all, they are humans, and any mouthwatering offer can take your loyalty away. So, it’s better to keep an eye on them and none can do this better than the BlurSPY Employee Tracking system, it features;

  • Listen to all incoming and upcoming calls live
  • If you don’t want to listen to it live, record all incoming and upcoming calls
  • Since most of the conversation is done by SMS, there is more chance of information leaking through them, you can spy on them as well
  • You can have access to all of their contact list to know who is in contact with whom

The best thing is that you can do all this spying activity without creating any doubt about the owner of the target device.

Watch over them:

The BlurSPY cellular spy application secretly captures photos without giving the target owner the slightest hint. This snippet is uploaded directly to the online web-based admin Panel account and you can infer valuable information about your target, where your target has been, and the people he has met. You can easily research the whereabouts of your employee by spying on his camera and photo gallery. This camera bug feature of BlurSPY cell phone monitoring software will help you to monitor your employees in their free time, by taking pictures of them.

SMS tracking and call logs:

Most conversations are done via text messages and calls. This communication format stores a lot of information about the owner of the device. with the BlurSPY phone monitoring application, you can navigate through your employee’s text messages whether sent via sim cards or any social communication application. BlurSPY Surveillance gives you access to all call logs and allows you to check contracts and durations on your dashboard, anywhere you want.

GPS Tracking:

Blurspy monitor employees

GPS tracker is an amazing feature of BlurSPY that records all locations visited by the target cell phone. BlurSPY cell monitors always keep a record of things to see later, even after deletion from the target device. You can get weekly reports and location history on your dashboard. In addition, it is very easy to mark safe areas on the map for your employees. After crossing the line, BlurSPY always beeps with a notification. So, if they go to any other place, that is not prohibited by your organisation. In their free time, you will receive a notification from the cell monitoring app BlurSpy.

Read Messages:

Capture messages from your employees’ devices from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snap Chat, Skype, Viber and IMO. Monitor multimedia files, voice notes, and image galleries stored on social media to get to know to whom they are talking and having chit-chats in their free time.

Contacts access:

Check each contact on the mobile contact list. Spy on every event on an Android phone. Blur spy phone surveillance software helps you figure out who your employees are in contact with by going through their contact list. If you find anyone of your competitors, then you have enough time to figure out how to deal with this problem, thanks to the phone bug app Blurspy.

Browsing history:

Browsing history is very important to be monitored. Most employees, in their free time or more accurately, leave their work and start exploring the internet for personal use. The Internet is such a digital distraction for employees that they get attracted to it and leave their work in the middle, which causes a long delay in the completion of the project and also affects the quality of work as well. 52% of employees use the internet for their personal use. On-duty employees use phones to monitor all cell phone activity and also have complete control over their browsing history.

Author Bio:

Jacqueline Fernandez is an experienced writer at BlurSPY and a journalist who usually covers the beats such as business and finance and stalk exchange, has deep knowledge of financial markets and industries and develops high-quality content as a freelancer.

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