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How To Increase Security And Productivity With The Best Mac Apps?

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Apple is a leading manufacturing company that offers laptops, desktops, and iPhones with the latest features. Mac is an operating system developed by Apple that allows users to perform various things with ease. It even comes with beautifully designed apps thereby showing ways to gain more advantages. However, MAC users should know how to increase security and productivity while using apps. They should focus more on the tips and tricks to simplify their experience with the best Mac apps to achieve the best results. Another thing is that they can ensure better performance when carrying out important tasks.

10Tricks to enhance security and productivity with the best Mac apps

1. Knowing and using the keyboard shortcuts

Mac users should know the keyboard shortcuts because they provide methods to increase productivity. They can view them on system preferences that help save time. Furthermore, Mac has keyboard shortcuts for Gmail and other applications enabling users to focus more on their work with high accuracy.

2. Spotlight search

Spotlight is a useful handy tool that provides ways to search for documents, downloads, and other applications with ease. Apart from this, one can use the tool as an application launcher and calculator which works faster.

3. Organizing and customizing the finder

A majority of Mac users spend more time when browsing files and they should know how to optimize them effectively. Therefore, they should use the Finder icon and customize the same to save time.

4. Installing a password manager

Mac users should consider installing a password manager to ensure more security. Having a password generator allows users to create a new password or change an existing password without any hassles. It provides ways to get protection from potential threats online to ensure peace of mind.

Installing a password manager best mac apps

5. Mission Control

Mission control is one of the best features available for Mac users because it provides ways to view all the open windows that appear on one screen. It helps switch between Windows or applications with ease.

6. Customizing trackpad gestures

One of the ways to increase productivity on Mac devices is by adding customized trackpad gestures. At the same time, users should know how to customize trackpad gestures from different sources.

7. Knowing how to use window buttons properly

A majority of Mac users don’t know how to use window buttons properly. For instance, a red button doesn’t quit the app after closing the window. The yellow button allows users to minimize the window and helps place a shortcut to it on the dock. Likewise, the green button hides both the menu bar and the dock after making the window full screen.

8. Using Brave browser

Mac users should consider using Brave open browser which is similar to Chrome. However, Brave offers more privacy to them thereby helping to avoid tracking. It has automatic data blockers and ad tracker blockers that help improve the data management process. The browser also works faster which caters to the needs of users and utilizes less data resources. Users can even prevent phishing and other risks online.

9. Using a second screen

Those who want to perform multiple tasks on Mac computers and laptops should consider using a second screen to increase productivity. At the same time, they should arrange screen sizes and choose the main screen while carrying out additional work.

10. Using secure passwords

To keep information safe, Mac users should choose strong passwords to protect social security numbers and other things from risks. If possible, they can set up separate users for each person and limit the number of administrative users. Also, users can change passwords to prevent hacking and other issues.

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