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How To Get Trader Funding With Earn2Trade

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Many of us have grown up with movies like Wall Street, starring Charlie Sheen, which have taught us that trading is a potentially lucrative, enviable, and exciting career to pursue. However, in reality, it’s not for everyone. One of the reasons is the high initial capital you usually need to start trading professionally. Fortunately, thanks to services from industry leaders like Earn2Trade, trader funding is available to anyone. Today, programs like the Trader Career Path or the Gauntlet Mini™ allow you to fast-track your way to a professional trading career without having to worry about raising excessive amounts of capital, getting a Series 3 license, or the rest of the obstacles you would usually face.

Earn2Trade and the Shortcut to Becoming a Funded Trader

The process is pretty simple. First, you have to choose the program you would like to enroll in. Earn2Trade currently offers two funded trading programs – The Trader Career Path and The Gauntlet Mini™. Both of them work off the same shared concept; upon successful completion, you get an offer for a funded trading account. The two are similar, but there are some differences in the way the programs are structured.

The Trader Career Path starts off on a $25,000 virtual futures account. You can pass it by meeting three requirements: make a profit of $1,750, trade a minimum of 15 days, and keep trading until no single day makes up 30% of your total profit. These requirements have no time limit, meaning you can take as much or as little time as you need as long as you do a minimum of 15 days. If you meet all three requirements, you’ll get an offer for a funded trading account at one of the proprietary trading firms Earn2Trade has partnered with.

There are also four rules you need to avoid breaking to qualify for your trader funding offer. The first is to trade only during market hours. You need to have all your positions closed between 3:50 PM and 5:00 PM central time and during market holidays, although there are exceptions. The second rule is to follow the upper limit on how many contracts you’re allowed to place. The number increases the higher your account balance. The last two rules are limits on how much money you can lose. This includes a daily loss limit and a drawdown limit for how low your account balance can go overall.

Trader funding earn2trade

The Trader Career Path’s main feature is that once you get funded, you’ll receive a funding offer that upgrades your account balance the more you trade. This helps keep traders motivated because not only are you allowed to withdraw most of the profit (80%) from your funded trading account, but you’re also rewarded for it because the funding firm will upgrade your account when you withdraw enough. The highest you can receive this way is a $200,000 funded trading account.

The Gauntlet Mini™, on the other hand, has a few different starting options. You can choose from four different account sizes: $50,000, $100,000, $150,000, and $200,000. These account sizes also correspond to the upgrade stages you get after finishing the Trader Career Path. However, with the Gauntlet Mini™, you go straight to the account you choose after passing. The downside is that the account doesn’t upgrade when you withdraw. The only way to increase the account’s size is to keep trading and build up the account, which is still a great deal.

Both of these programs work on a subscription basis. This is the reason they don’t have a time limit, as mentioned earlier. As long as you stay subscribed and don’t break the rules, you will be able to qualify for a funding offer.

You still need to pass the test before getting your trader funding offer. This way, you can certify that you have what it takes to make it in the financial markets. Don’t worry; Earn2Trade has you covered on that front too. Alongside the evaluation, they provide a whole training course containing hours of learning material to help you prepare and pass the test.

These educational resources you get are a great help on your journey to becoming a professional trader. They hand you the key, and all you have to do is open the door.

The Advantages of Earn2Trade’s Trader Funding Programs

First of all, you can start basically with zero capital and without risking your money, other than the exam fee. You can take advantage of the funds provided by their trading partners to pocket most of the profit you make. You split the profit 80:20 in your favor.

Aside from not having to risk your own money on the open market, participants in these programs can cut the hassle of going through a tedious licensing process to trade with someone else’s money. With Earn2Trade’s offer, you won’t have to pass certification programs or comply with licensing intricacies specific to your local jurisdiction. Just the opposite – all you have to do is successfully show what you can do hands-on.

Furthermore, you can trade the most liquid futures contracts from the world’s top exchanges. Doing this on your own would require passing a series of tests and certification programs. You can try that on your own or just trade a virtual account for a few weeks to access funds at a proprietary trading firm. If there is a shortcut, why not take it?

Another proven benefit of funded trader programs is that you can trade from the comfort of your home, lying on the beach, while waiting at the airport, or wherever you prefer. You are your boss, and you make the rules – something that can be difficult for traders who have to stress over wiping out their savings in a personal trading account.

All-in-all, Earn2Trade’s programs allow you to trade with money you don’t have to earn a profit you can keep – all the time, from wherever you want.

Bottom Line

Funded accounts allow you to build a future in trading without having to risk your funds. This advantage makes them a unique opportunity for beginners or individuals with limited capital. However, bear in mind that not all trader funding programs are created equal. With Earn2Trade, the result is getting a real account with a registered prop firm on the live market. In essence, there’s no conflict of interest for them if you make money like there would be if you stayed on a purely virtual account forever or if you were trading CFDs.

To avoid putting yourself in an unfavorable position, look for trusted companies with a strong record of transparency who keep things straight as they guide you throughout the process of becoming a professional trader. Take charge of your future career with Earn2Trade’s programs. Proprietary trading has never been more accessible.

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