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How To Get Clients Fast For A New Business

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Any business, new or old, needs to get clients continuously. It is essential to get customers fast for a new business. However, it is an impossible feat. Now, whether you are hitting a slow patch or starting a new business, here are a few ideas to help in getting new clients fast.

How to get new clients fast?

Create a portfolio website

Having a website helps as people get to share or talk about you. They make a referral. You can show your work, display your services, and offer a professional approach. Create a website showing you are serious about the business.

Tell Your Family & Friends

Your friends and family can bring you valuable connections leading to a client. You may know here how to find clients online through your family and friends. Take time to write emails and contact your family and friends. Pass your information and create an incentive for a limited time.

Tap your existing network

How to find clients online

You may be having your business and know a few people. You need not limit to see people weekly. Check with your old colleagues, classmates, past bosses, old colleagues, teachers, and professors. Find them on Facebook or LinkedIn, reach out to initiate a conversation.  Let them know your venture. Be genuine, but not pushy. They will get back to you.

Post on social media

Get on social media to get some traction. How to get new clients fast is about linking your portfolio and use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Announce you are open for business. Let people contact you and consider their skill sets.

Join Facebook groups

How to get new clients fast

Use social media to join Facebook groups and to get clients. Facebook groups are popular. Join your niche and seek more access to people and network.

  • Read the group rules.
  • Introduce yourself
  • Answer questions

It may take some time, but people will recognize your name and see your value to become a part of the group.

Go to networking events

Networking events may or may not be your interest, but to be a professional accept it as a business owner. It allows you to get a chance to make instant connections.

  • Find events in your area and hang out with people of your niche.
  • Start conversations by asking questions and show genuine interest in their answers.
  • Add everyone to LinkedIn and send a ‘nice to meet you’ message soon after the event, before they forget you.

Not everyone at such events is going to be your client. But how to find clients online with great connections or referrals can be understood.

Contact local agencies

The web, marketing, and design agencies outsource their work to contractors and freelancers as outsource. These local agencies offer repeat work, ongoing contracts, and referrals to create income consistently. It is best to work with local agencies as you know where to look for outsource tasks and partner with a service provider as a team and offer a range of services.

Look on job boards

With the freelance and remote work surge, there are hundreds of job boards to browse and find freelance gigs. Make the sites work. Go through posting and note:

  • Type and contract length- whether it is an hourly or project basis rate.
  • Job description- what the client wants and if you can fulfill it.’
  • Client history- are other freelancers having a good experience while working with this client.

These sites can get customers fast.  Again, not everyone uses job boards. Determine the client is worth your time or not.

Whatever route you take, you should get work, and the client should receive an amazing finished product.

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