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How To Enhance Security At The Workplace

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2 million people report cases of workplace violence every year. That’s a huge number.

Many employers may tend to be reluctant if there has never been any cases of violence or insecurity at their companies. Any person with an evil intention can force their way in and harm people, a customer can assault your employee, or workers may fight amongst themselves.

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This is why you need to work on the security at your workplace. Here’s a detailed guide on the steps you should take.

1. Enforce Security Promoting Policies

The policies in your company are very essential in ensuring the workplace is safe and secure.

Having said that, you should begin by auditing the security policies you have in place, try and identify any gaps, and make adjustments where necessary. For example, if you’ve been making recruitments without conducting any criminal background checks, it’s the high time you include this in your company policies.

Also, ensure you conduct security awareness training within your company from time to time. This will enable your employees to stay up to date on all security matters.

2. Use Controlled Access

Indeed, open office plans are the trend these days, but this shouldn’t mean that everybody can access all the rooms in the office. Access to sensitive areas like the server room can be limited to a few people by implementing access control.

Depending on the system you use, you should give your workers keyless cards. Access credentials can be remotely allocated with much ease using this method, therefore making it possible to manage the people who can access specific places. You can check Securiteam’s access control in Tampa Florida for they are using an innovative technology that allows only authorized individuals to enter your location for a specific purpose.

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3. Install Surveillance Systems and Alarms

security in the workplace

Surveillance cameras are commonly used in residential buildings but have been limitedly used in commercial spaces. Contact thelockboss.ie to find out more.

The cost of installation and maintenance of these security systems can indeed be high, but they offer massive benefits. Besides discouraging any form of criminal activity, such systems make it easy to solve insecurity-related cases. For example, you can use CCTV footage to investigate a theft case that happened in the office.

4. Employ Security Guards

If your workplace is situated in an entire building, alarms and CCTV cameras may not be enough to provide security. Hire security guards as well.

Guards will always be the first line of defense in case of a bandit attack, and they can always show up and stop physical conflicts among employees in the office.

If you aren’t the owner of the building that houses your offices, you can collaborate with the management to bring security guards, along with mesh fencing.

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5. Make Structural Adjustment to Your Building

Does the structure of your office buildings expose your workplace area to security risks?

For example, if your office has easy to see through windows facing the public, anyone can peep in and see the valuables there. Luckily there’s a quick fix to this issue. Hire a commercial tinting window service and boost the privacy of your office and the workers.

Another structural element you need to reinforce is your access doors. Are they strong enough to prevent unauthorized entry? If they’re vulnerable, you can reinforce them or install new and stronger security doors.

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