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How to Easily Keep Track of Your Equipment

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If your business uses many tools and equipment, keeping track of the inventory is no easy task.

Deviation in tool and equipment data can cause irregularities and delays in project completion. Sometimes, these irregularities could result in shutdowns, outages, and turnarounds that could increase project costs.

Before understanding how to manage inventory effectively in your organization, here’s why tools go missing.

1. Sometimes, the tools may not be there or may have arrived in the wrong quantity. The equipment you shipped may not get to you since they were shipped to another destination. This way, you may end up with a missing equipment report.

2. Your tools may also have been moved. Maybe the equipment is still in your warehouse, but someone moved them without informing others. Someone may also have placed the equipment incorrectly and categorized it as missing.

3. Another common reason for missing tools and equipment in the workplace is theft. Someone might have taken the tool to work and did not return it.

4. Incorrect recording on the log may also be why equipment goes missing. If the log sheet says that the equipment was issued while still on the premises, the implication is that the item will not be used if there is a need. On the other hand, if the log sheet shows that a tool is available in the warehouse while it was already issued, this will confuse and halt work when people are looking for it.

Here are some ways you can keep track of your equipment.

Using QR Code Scanning

You have an asset tracking system combining a clever system with a QR code. Simply put a barcode sticker on all your handheld equipment, then use a phone to scan these tools in and out.

Most QR codes should be in a position to give you insights such as who is using the tool, their location, and the date.

A combination of QR Codes and Bluetooth

You can get equipment tracking software by blending QR codes with Bluetooth. This software can be helpful when you want to keep track of your mid-sized tools. Asset tracking suppliers will provide you with appropriately sized barcode stickers and Bluetooth transmitters, which you can attach to medium size equipment like generators and pumps.

Use GPS to Track Big-Sized Equipment

GPS also makes sound equipment tracking software that can help your organization to manage big guns such as bulldozers, loaders, cranes, and graders. One of the benefits of GPS equipment tracking software is that it helps with more than just equipment tracking and location but also focuses on the maintenance of the equipment.

Equipment tracking software helps in equipment maintenance, which is achieved by integrating specialist asset tracking technology into the diagnostics of your heavy machinery. These GPS trackers collect data related to the engine and mileage, enabling you to keep track of service dates and the necessary part replacements.

Use a Tool Management System

Tool management system equipment tracking

With tool management software, you can track the movement of your equipment by having employees conduct a self-service check anytime they use the tool. The tool management software also enables you to categorize equipment by names of employees, job code, location, date, time, and project number, among others.

Using the tool management system can also generate project reports revealing where certain tools are in use and the staff using them.


The main objective of equipment tracking is to save time and cash for your business. With technology, you can take advantage of inventory software tracking systems to guide your business to gain higher levels of productivity through real-time tracking.

Equipment tracking software informs you of the number of pieces of equipment you own, their exact location, and their condition. In addition, equipment tracking software alerts you when a piece of equipment needs maintenance.

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