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How To Customize Retail Packaging

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How would you feel about getting a product that was wrapped in a generic package? Do you feel valued as a customer? Packing a product in an attractive customized box speaks of the customer’s quality of service and appreciation. Sometimes, the product’s authenticity wouldn’t be doubted because it is packed.

Customizing your business packaging is a secret marketing weapon that sets your brand apart from competitors. It also makes the shopping experience better. Some customers love off-shelf shopping just because of the packaging. So, it goes a long way in attracting even more customers.

Furthermore, your customers will automatically be your brand ambassadors because they won’t hesitate to refer a friend to the shop, share great reviews on media, and be loyal. To attract new customers, communicating your brand can be good and excellent on visually-oriented platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Exposing the magnificent retail experience to a larger audience would prove your commitment and appreciation for customers, which helps create a strong brand image. Below are six ways to customize retail packaging:

1. Identify Your Packaging Needs

Before you customize your packaging, you must know the type of retail packaging that will work best for you. This includes the size, weight, and height that can complement and fully protect your product.

Knowing the correct dimensions is also essential. Measuring the size and weight of the product will help determine the size of your packaging, and how much extra material you may need for its protection during delivery.

2. Identify The Right Color

An appropriate color will be a good way of creating awareness for your brand. Customers have a way of connecting with retailers based on the color of the package. Research on what each color represents and pick the one that best represents your brand.

Different colors have different symbolisms. For example, red symbolizes passion, energy, and excitement, but it might not be advisable to use too much of it. Green is also a good color because it exemplifies sustainability and would be great mostly on logos.

Identify the right color retail packaging

If you have established a color for your brand, it’s best to use that too. Consistently using your brand’s color and symbol in your packaging will help boost brand recognition and awareness.

3. Design The Inside

As much as designing the outside of the packaging is essential, the inside part is crucial as it is where the product will lie. For physical buyers, the inside may be unimportant, but for online buyers, it means a lot since it adds joy and appeal upon taking out the product.

Most online shoppers like to post videos of the product packaging if it’s appealing online, which means people are watching on various social platforms. Customers want stylish products from start to end, both outside and inside.

4. Consider Paper Coating

Aside from being more eco-friendly, paper can also be customized and embellished to make it more appealing. For example, a gloss or matte lamination on the paper can add a luxurious feel to your packaging.

Gloss lamination adds elegance that will make your packaging stand out even more. But aside from aesthetics, gloss lamination also adds a layer of protection as it helps avoid dirt and prevent the absorption of moisture.

5. Choose The Materials Carefully

There are important aspects while choosing the material to use for your packaging. Apart from having a unique and attractive package, what other goals are you looking to achieve? If you want to boost your brand identity; you can also make a statement by choosing the right materials for your packaging.

For example, if you want to be known as an eco-friendly brand, you must choose sustainable materials in creating your packaging. This includes materials such as recycled paper and non-plastic alternatives.

Nowadays, customers would go for brands with environmentally-friendly packages. For many modern consumers, supporting an eco-friendly company also makes them eco-conscious by extension. By supporting the brand, they are also making their contribution to the environmental movement

6. A Unique Finishing Is Important

To give your packaging a more customized look, you must add finishing touches that will emphasize your brand’s logo, tagline, or name. You can do this by embossing (raising) or debossing (lowering) signs or symbols on the packaging. This way, consumers can easily catch the brand name and logo—raising recognition and awareness for your product.

Window cutting is another way to give the retail packaging a special finish. You can create a small window on the packaging to allow customers a glimpse of what is inside. Doing this can pique the curiosity of shoppers. Aside from that, there’s no need to emboss, deboss, or stamp your brand name on the packaging itself as the consumer can already see them via the product inside.

Final Word

Customizing your packaging is very important in the physical and online shopping experience. Before customers can attest to the quality of a product, they must at least be attracted to purchase it. This is true, especially for first-time buyers of your product. Visuals play a huge part in the buying process, so make sure to take advantage of it by customizing your retail packaging.

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