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How to Create A Payment Link and Collect Payment Through It?

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Table of contents:

1. Summary

2. Introduction

3. What is a payment link?

4. How to create a payment link?

5. How to create a payment link and collect payment through it?

6. Payment gateway service to have ease transactions for your business

7. Conclusion


The payment link is one of the online payment methods. It is generated by the merchant to make the payment process easy for their customers by sharing the link with them. The main advantage of generating the payment link is that the customers can make the payment instantly by clicking the link, which is the secured web link for the payment request. Read the full article to learn about the payment links and how to create a link to collect payments.


Payment links enable buyers and sellers to pay and receive money in a convenient, quick, secure, and simple manner. There are several methods for collecting money from consumers or company clients, but the overall goal is to make the procedure as simple as possible. This article will explain how to create a payment link and what you need to do before you start accepting payments online.

A payment link allows customers to make online payments for goods and services. When the link is clicked, the consumer is directed to a secure website where they may input their payment information. The business owner or an authorized payment gateway service provider generates payment connections. The link can be sent to the consumer through email or included in a web page or invoice. When the consumer completes the payment, the payment processor will notify you.

There are several advantages of online payments and payment links, one of its methods has become more convenient than the standard online payment methods such as credit cards and bank transfers. Payment links are simple to set up and do not require the consumer to have a payment processor account. They are also more secure than other payment options because the customer’s payment information is only shared with the business owner.

What is a payment link?

A payment link is merely a URL that takes the consumers to the website’s payment page. The page may be personalised and used to collect money for goods or services. It is a simple process in which a payment link is created and then shares it with the customers.

The link takes the user or the customers to a secure payment page where the user can make online payments using various options, including net banking, debit/credit card, wallet, UPI, etc. Once the payment process is completed, you will be notified about the transaction.

What is a payment link online payment methods

Creating a payment link is a quick and easy way to collect customer payments without designing and building your custom checkout process. And you can even reset the settings and other security features to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.

Some of the benefits of using a payment link are that it is simple to generate and use. You can quickly trace payments and transactions. It is safe and you can receive payments from people all around the world. One of the major advantages of a payment link is that it is a cost-effective alternative for businesses of all sizes.

You may create a payment link for a fixed amount. If you create such a link, your consumers will not be able to adjust the amount to be paid. If you choose, you may also create a generic payment link. There is no limit to the number of collections.

Customers are not required to have a specific account. They can pay using their preferred manner and do not need to install any additional software because the payment URLs may be shared using regularly used messaging systems like WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.

How to create a payment link?

Creating a payment link is much easier and not an arduous task. A payment link is an excellent method to streamline payments and make life easier for both you and your customers. Each provider has its process for creating and configuring a payment page and follows similar steps.

1. You have to register for your chosen service and then follow the steps to create a payment page.

2. Enter all the required details. This generally entails inputting basic information about your product and how much it costs.

3. Copy and paste the generated link into a website, email, social media post, or wherever you wish to share it.

4. When consumers click on the link, they are directed to the payment page, where they may enter their payment information.

5. Once the payment is verified, It will send the transacted amount to your account in accordance with the terms of service.

How to create a payment link and collect payment through it?

With the support of a payment gateway service, you can generate payment links and collect money from customers. The generated payment can be sent to the consumers via email or other messaging applications. The link will direct the customers to their selected payment processor to complete the transaction.

Payment links make the process more effortless since you can collect payments anytime, and the customers may pay however and wherever they choose. Once the payment process is completed, you will be notified regarding the same, and thus you could create a payment link and collect payment through it.

Payment gateway service to have ease transactions for your business

NTT DATA Payment Services is both a Payment Service Provider and a payment gateway that assists in the secure and fast transaction of payments between the payment initiator and the receiver. It helps merchandisers to keep track of all payments made for future reference or to create invoices. NTT DATA Payment Services India has helped more than six million merchants with an annual transaction value of eight hundred million dollars.

NTT DATA Payment Services provides payment gateway services to various industries. NTT DATA Payment Services offers multi-bank EMI, multiple payment options, easy retry option, invoice payment, and payment options like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, challan, UPI, Bharat QR Scan and Pay, Wallets, NEFT/RTGS, and much more.


To sum up, throughout the years, the payment method has evolved and has become a more convenient method to make a transaction. Payment links are one of the most recent techniques to enter the market. The payment link is a method for businesses to solicit payment from consumers. It is regarded as the quickest and simplest way to accept online payments. This procedure is significantly easier and faster than others, as well as less expensive.

All payment link providers confirm that their payment solution complies with government standards for consumer data security. Customers may now make payments from anywhere with only a few clicks. Thanks to payment links, customers can use payment links to pay at their convenience.

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