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How to Create a Gaming Channel on YouTube and Increase Your Subscribers

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It is not easy to launch a successful gaming YouTube channel. Millions of children, teenagers, and even adults play video games during their free time. Hence, competition is stiff. The niche space is dominated by famous creators like DanTDM, Mumbo Jumbo, PewsDiePie, etc. They enjoy having billions of views on YouTube. MrBest channel claims to surpass 31.4 million subscribers! You can also come across small channels worldwide in thousands that you need to compete with. Thus, it becomes tough for new creators to go viral with their gaming videos. However, the task is not impossible. Proper content planning can help achieve the set objective.

Killer tips to create a Gaming Channel and increase YouTube subscribers

1. Invest in appropriate equipment:

Find out the type of equipment and accessories required for your YouTube channel. A few items can help create exciting videos, like screen-recording software, a microphone, lighting, a digital camera, and a green screen.

2. Focus on a niche audience:

Launching your own YouTube channel might tempt you to play all the games at home. Fortnite videos enjoy insane popularity. You can upload them. Two weeks later, sprinkle Minecraft content. Instead of running after games, chase the audience to grow your newly launched channel. Produce content to suit niche audience interests.

3. Avoid the ‘Let’s Play’ Trap:

Gamers prefer to post on YouTube “let’s play” videos. Such videos can be easily created and edited. Simply record playing the game and sprinkle some commentary that your audience will like. Niche Selection can help increase your YouTube channel subscriber base.

Let’s play

4. Select appropriate name:

Your channel should be named appropriately. Irrespective of your niche, follow common practices. Select an easy-to-spell and easy-to-remember name. Your name should reflect the genre or game you play. Choose 70 or less characters for your channel name. Avoid offensive language and profanity. Use relevant keywords to ensure effective SEO Optimization.

5. Upload gaming videos weekly basis:

You should upload games consistently. It enables your target audience to derive uninterrupted excitement. Post a video at least once weekly. It ensures the audience gains trust in your channel and visits it often. SEO Optimization is recommended to derive better results. Strike a balance between family time, work, and posting video games on YouTube.

6. Join the gaming community to derive valuable YouTube video ideas:

Besides niche Selection, the challenge faced is brainstorming creative video ideas. The best way will be to partner with other gamers. You can come across numerous online gaming communities. Identify a group that centers around your niche game. Try getting tips from others. You can discover the gaming aspects that excite people the most, significant updates, and questions that newcomers might have about your game.

7. Develop enticing YouTube Titles and Thumbnails:

Viewers can be positively influenced by creative video thumbnails and titles. People are convinced to click, view, and share your content. 100% optimization is required to ensure your Niche Selection achieves tremendous success. Video title helps your channel to climb quickly on YouTube search results. Create click-worthy titles with less competitive, popular keywords. Use eye-catching, but simple graphics allowing your viewers to understand what is shown to them in seconds.

8. Entertaining and brief video introductions:

Audience retention holds immense value on YouTube. A viewer clicking your video should watch it till the end. Otherwise, YouTube’s algorithm gets a negative signal. It rather indicates your video being short on its promise. Hence, it will not be recommended to potential viewers. Hence, a strong introduction is desired for each video. The character should move around the gaming landscape while you explain today’s video content. Content Planning ensures visitors to your channel do not click away and come again for more!

Use the tips wisely

Using the above tips, you can increase your YouTube Gaming Channel subscriber base. You also have options to monetize it.

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