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How to choose the right Herb Grinder? – A buying Guide

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Herb grinders are used to chop tobacco, herbs, and marijuana. They are mainly used to grind materials used for vaping. Here is a complete guide on buying a good weed grinder.

Materials Used

The most common herb grinder materials available are wood, metal, aluminum, and acrylic. Before buying, browse and learn more about the prices of each type. Weigh them against their uses and concerns.

Wood: Wood herb grinders are not common. It is because it is harder to carve wood to make grinders.  And therefore, it is highly challenging to mass produce wooden herb grinders. The aesthetics of wood grinders are highly appealing. On the other hand, the wood grinders have varnishes that mix with the herb while grinding.

Metal: There are two major types of metal herb grinders. They are aluminum and titanium. There is a misconception that aluminum herb grinder is unsafe. Aluminum is hazardous only when used for cooking. The melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees Celsius. And its boiling point is 2519 degrees Celsius. A vaporizer is not going to heat the material to such high temperatures. Therefore, aluminum grinders are safe to use. Titanium grinders are the most expensive grinders.

Herb grinder herb grinder materials

Acrylic: Acrylic is known for its durability. However, compared to other materials, it is the least durable. But it is the best choice for those looking for an affordable grinder.

Electric Herb Grinder: They run on electric power. Most of the electric herb grinders are acrylic, and their teeth are made of metal.

Types of Grinders

There are two-piece grinders, three-piece grinders, and four-piece grinders.

Two-Piece Grinders: They are also called one compartment grinders. The herb is retrieved and grounded in the same compartment. Retrieving the grounded herbs is difficult as the teeth are in the way. However, they are the most affordable grinders.

Three–Piece Grinders: These grinders consist of two compartments. The first compartment has tiny holes. These holes allow the grounded materials to fall into the second compartment.

Four–Piece Grinders: There are three compartments in this type of grinder. The first two compartments work the same way as that of the three-piece grinders. The third compartment is to collect the kief or pollen.

Things to consider before buying any herb grinder

The results of the grinder should be consistent. The broken herbs should be small enough to be vaped. Check on the quality of the teeth. A good quality weed grinder has diamond-shaped teeth. These teeth grind different sizes of herbs. Check if the grinder has a magnetic lid. The magnetic cover keeps the herbs inside the grinder and prevents spilling. Enquire if the grinder comes with a cleaning tool. As the blades stand unevenly spread, the grinders are challenging to clean. Therefore, get a grinder that comes with a specially designed cleaning tool.

What is a Keif?

Kief is loose pollen crystals. These are the byproducts obtained while grinding herbs, and serious connoisseurs love the taste. These are the finest particles of the grounded substances.

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