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How To Carry Out Desk-Based Market Research From Your Garden Office

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The tranquility of doing desk-based market research in a natural environment is bliss.

Taking advantage of natural light and fresh air in a designated workspace helps boost creativity and productivity.

Ways to perform desk-based market research from a garden office

A garden office offers more control over the workspace. You can choose your style of furniture pieces. Create an atmosphere conducive to doing work. Run a business from a home garden office and enjoy greater flexibility. You can also take breaks or schedule meetings. It helps reduce stress and is easier to stay focused on at-hand tasks.

Market research is crucial for every business. Knowing the sustainability of a market is a must for any product. Understanding the audience’s expectations is indispensable for any business launch, as it helps evaluate the marketing budgets.

Generally, Market research splits into primary and secondary categories:

Primary market research

It is your research and includes an online survey. It may be like asking your family, friends, or targeted customer a survey point. It is to put together a specialist agency and perform the research on your company website. You can ask questions on social media profiles or face-to-face. Use free online surveys to create your surveys.

Include a questionnaire to send to clients while sending goods. You can also call them and pose your questions, but you must know the rules to safeguard the public.

1. The primary market research pros are to select a panel and to give tailored responses. You get specific answers to know the truth. You get updated research on sectors such as investment banking.

2. The cons are it is expensive, time-consuming, and requires careful refining of questions.

3. Produce quality questionnaires using an agency, but it works more expensive than researching alone.

Primary market research desk based market research

Secondary market research

Secondary research is to use data existing from available sources. There are surveys, government reports, and research from different market agencies, accessing data for free. It is cheaper and quicker to create your research.

Secondary research, as desk-based market research, offers a solid base for developing primary research. It is to perform its online research of the market. Find out about the market and online competitors. See how competitors market and their unique selling points.

Get an insight into their strategy that has blogs and content. A great resource is to get an insight into the size and growth rate of the industry. The marketing budget and the prediction dictate the near future.

The advantage is to compare prices for services and products directly. Find on social media how customers respond and highlight the rivals, and introduce new business opportunities.

Other secondary market research resources

1. Local directories are good for local operations. You can know about the local competitors and get hold of your sector specialist directories. It helps to observe the gaps that you can enter in the market.

2. The reports of online surveys and reports inform market conditions. They show opportunities and threats. Get a specific report of an area for much less.

3. Business libraries offer online services and free access to research on the market and its reports.

4. Trade associations offer good information. They give access to industry reports and statistics. It is worth approaching and supporting the chamber of commerce or business organizations.

The secondary market research pros are it saves time, is available at less cost, or is free. These are government agencies’ validation as it involves investment banking.

The cons are the statistics are collected annually and have no control over research participation. Finding exact data is difficult if you look for an exact answer.

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