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How to Avoid Package Theft in New York City?

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In these modern times, online shopping can be one of the few sources of serotonin. From the moment they click the “Buy” button, some people anticipate the delivery of their package and wait for the buzz of their doorbell. Then it happens, you get a text saying that your package has been delivered while you were out for work. The drive back home is hurried because you cannot wait to be welcomed by a package on your porch. 

But when you arrived the purchase you ordered was nowhere to be found. And you realize you are a victim of another package theft in NYC. Having a package stolen by ‘porch pirates’ can be an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience. It is quite a regular phenomenon, with over a thousand packages stolen in New York. As more people prefer the method of virtual shopping because of its convenience, this issue of stolen packages has increasingly become a problem. 

Of course, all online shopping companies have certain policies and helplines to figure out situations like lost or stolen packages. Still, the whole process is complicated with forms to fill and days of waiting around and wondering if the package stolen would be replaced. Therefore we have some tips and tricks to help you avoid having your package stolen

Here are some hacks to avoid getting your parcels stolen

  • Use the service of a package storage company 
  • Ship the parcel to your workplace 
  • Request help from your friendly neighbor 
  • Install security cameras 

What is package storage, and why is it useful? 

People opt to use package storage companies in New York City as it is a good way to make sure your orders from your favorite online shopping platforms are not subject to package theft.

Essentially package storage is a secure address to get your parcels and packages delivered to. Once your package arrives, it is safely kept aside until you come to pick it up from the storage house yourself. This is a fool-proof way of ensuring there are no package thefts and that you do not spend a hassling amount of time with shopping companies figuring out what to do next. Package storage companies provide a good and reliable solution to the growing problem of stolen packages that have spiked even more with the onset of the Corona Virus. Statistically, the number of online purchases has significantly elevated during lockdowns.

And along with the increased online shopping, the number of packages stolen in broad daylight has increased. According to a study, approximately 59% of Americans have a package delivered to their house at least once a week, and almost 43% have experienced package stolen. These are not insignificant numbers. Therefore, one cannot afford to be lax about the situation. That is where the relevance and use of package storage come in. 

Get the packages delivered to your office or workplace. 

If people were at home already when the delivery took place, then the problem of package theft would be considerably less. As soon as the package is placed on the porch, you get notified on your phone and a buzz on your doorbell. So you go out immediately to fetch the parcel, and there is no time for any porch pirate to swoop in and steal your goodies. But most of the package thefts take place when the parcel arrives during your office hours. No one is at home, and though you are instantly notified about the delivery, there is nothing much you can do but wait till the end of work to go collect it. 

Packages delivered to your office or workplace

This is when the majority of thefts take place, especially if you are from a shady neighborhood. Your package just lies there on the porch, vulnerable to thievery. Therefore, a practical and very obvious solution would be to have the parcel or package delivered to your office since it would come directly to where you would be during the day. Of course, this has its disadvantages too. If the package is considerable, then getting it delivered to your office would be a tad bit inconvenient. But luckily, there are other hacks that you can fall back on. 

Request help from a friendly neighbor 

In the case where getting the parcel or package shipped directly to your office is not a viable option, you can seek the help of your neighbor (provided they are not at work!). Once you get notified about the delivery, you can drop them a text saying that there is a package at your doorstep and if they could kindly collect it for you for safekeeping. 

A good and smart way to go about this is to tell the neighbor a day before that a package is to be expected and run them by the drill so that you do not catch them unexpectedly in the middle of chores or groceries. It is always a good idea to keep people informed beforehand. If you have a roommate or a live-in partner who works from home, requesting them pick up the parcel from the porch would be ideal. But if these are not possibilities, then there is another option.

Install security cameras

This is not a way to avoid package theft in a sure-shot way, but it is a deterring factor. Houses with security cameras have shown to be 52% less likely to trespass than other houses. The fact that faces are being identified opens up the possibility of thieves being caught, and therefore, porch pirates tend to frequent less around those houses with security cameras. Your packages can still be stolen, but it is far less likely. A pro tip would be to put a sign saying there are security cameras so that there are no subtleties in the message you are putting across to any robbers. 

We hope that these tips and tricks prove useful and that you never have to experience having your package stolen again!

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