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How Teams Can Use The RACI Chart For Collaborative Success In Project Management

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Group projects often get poor rap at the workplace. Many are found to struggle with their project group as it is non-communicative and disorganized. Perhaps, you are compelled to do all the work. Besides being frustrating, not able to work successfully within a team environment is likely to result in serious implications. Fortunately, teams may use different types of Business Strategy to overcome teamwork-related issues. It includes RACI framework!

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About RACI Chart

It is considered to be simple, easy and streamlined way for documenting and define team roles for given goal or project. Although guaranteed success is not assured, it promotes accountability culture among teams and does away with common roadblocks. Moreover, it also offers a clear path to reach a common goal.

RACI Matrix and its benefits

Several reasons are cited for teams to benefit immensely from such accountability frameworks. Some common reasons for teams to use this matrix are given below:

1. Role alignment:

Plotting roles of stakeholders in the team in a chart appears is now outdated. Remember, no quick fixes are present when working collaboratively and successfully on a team. No technology exists that can make collaborative projects streamlined and easy. Rather, the team can achieve success only if each team member is aware of the role to play. This framework helps them to imbibe in essential Management Skills.

2. Avoids friction:

Hen cross-functional collaboration is concerned, it helps eliminate friction. Since responsibility of each member is clearly described, everyone is aware of their role in each project.

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3. Balanced responsibilities:

Balancing responsibilities especially among the team members does make lots of sense. While preparing the chart, care should be taken to ensure that a single person is not held accountable or responsible for most project steps. Rather, the roles should be spread out among all team members. This helps inculcate Leadership Habits.

Balanced responsibilities Boost team collaboration

4. Ensure buy-in:

This framework is considered to be a tool designed to boost team collaboration and increase efficiency. It is also stated to be a collaborative Business Strategy It ensures success only if each team member understand its value. Including it in every meeting agenda will ensure your team is aware of their roles, thus promoting effective teamwork.

5. Avoid empty cells:

The team should be assigned RACI role. This should be done for every deliverable stakeholder not having any active participation in a specific step. The latter needs to be kept well-informed to ensure smooth flow of communication throughout the process.

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Steps to prepare RACI framework

This chart is also called the ‘Responsibility Matrix’. Preparation steps involve six steps which are given below. Doing it correctly ensures each team member is able to learn their role in the project and imbibes Management Skills.

1. Break-down goal, project or task into small steps, thus making it easy to achieve. List the steps on the chart’s left side.

2. Identify each stakeholder who is assigned to work on the goal, project or task. They should be listed across top row.

3. Next, for each step complete the steps and identify and specify the role of each stakeholder. It includes Responsible, Informed, Consulted or Accountable.

4. Each task should have a minimum of one person ‘Responsible’ to achieve the results.

5. Again for each task, ensure only person is held ‘Accountable’ and not more. If a specific task is found to have more than a single stakeholder held accountable, then resolve conflicts arising immediately. It boosts Leadership Habits and streamlines the project. Also, no work duplication is created.

6. All the team members should be provided with this chart. Discuss clearly the roles of all stakeholders’ right at the start. Resolve ambiguities or conflicts during the initial stage itself.

Enjoy the best results

Thus, when proper used, RACI Chart can benefit your workforce and the project immensely.

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