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How Kitting Services Help Online Retailers

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Are you an online retailer looking for ways to improve customer experience and increase sales? Kitting 3PL service is the perfect solution. In today’s blog post, we will discuss how kitting services can help your business and give an overview of their benefits. So keep reading to learn more about kitting and why online retailers should add it to their strategy.

Incentives For Shopping

By kitting their products together, retailers can offer discounts and other incentives to customers that encourage them to purchase multiple items at once. The beauty of the kit is that it can be tailored to any budget and offers significant savings for shoppers compared to buying each item individually. Plus, kitting allows customers to easily find the products they need in one place, which saves time and makes shopping easier when purchasing multiple items online.

Incentives for shopping kitting services

Better Visibility Of Products

With kitting 3PL service, retailers can organize their stock into collections or larger packages tailored to their customers’ needs. Most kitting platforms also have powerful product filtering capabilities that allow shoppers to find the items they’re looking for quickly. This is especially valuable for busy customers who don’t have the time to go through hundreds of individual options on a store’s homepage. Another benefit of kitting services is that retailers can create package deals to increase average order value and promote customer loyalty.

Eliminate Dead Stock

Dead stock is unsold, expired, or non-marketable goods that occupy valuable space yet no longer have potential buyers. It is difficult and costly to store and can prevent new products from being added to the inventory while simultaneously draining the overhead budget. With the kitting 3PL service, online retailers have access to on-demand kitting solutions that take the burden of storage away by automatically kitting and despatching items as required, eliminating dead stock once and for all. In addition, kitting allows retailers to compete more effectively in pricing due to flexibility in the parts and services they can offer.

Larger Purchases

By kitting items together, online retailers can create better value bundles and discounts for customers, which can help to draw more people in and encourage bigger spending. Instead of selecting each item individually, kitting services allow customers to choose one kit, speeding up the process. Larger purchases through kitting services also help with delivery – saving on packaging and shipping costs as it’s much cheaper for them to send out a single large package instead of multiple smaller ones.

Savings In Fulfillment

Lastly, kitting services result in significant savings when it comes to the cost of order fulfillment by reducing shipping costs due to the ability to ship multiple kitted pieces in one shipment instead of individually. Plus, there are fewer delivery delays due to the simplified packaging processes.

Kitting 3PL Service Helps Online Retailers: In Conclusion

Kitting 3PL services are an excellent option for online retailers who want to improve their overall customer experience. Kitting can help you save time and money while increasing product sales. If you’re looking for a way to improve your business, consider using a kitting 3PL service. Thanks for reading.

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