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How HunterG, A Startup Company Is A Booster To The Consumer Electronics Industry

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While there are many ongoing global debates and schools of thoughts hinged on the importance of artificial intelligence and how they are likely to soon replace humans and relative skills, many companies have decided to leverage on this technological breakthrough and channel the power of artificial intelligence into boosting consumer experience and productivity in different industries around the world. Consumer Electronics Industry is not aloof to these technological innovations. It is against this backdrop – and indeed in a bid to join the rising AI trends – that HunterG, the first of its kind, has been launched into the marketplace through the incorporation of AI in electronic products to make life easier and less dangerous for humans, beginning with the kind citizens of Armenia (and soon in the whole of Asia) in their everyday lives.

HunterG is the first product ofa consumer electronics based company “Math World”, that provides its customers with the ability to detect, locate or notify a household of creeping dangerous animals like spiders and scorpions through its specially designed HunterG ai model.

This is especially helpful considering the prevalent danger these species of animals pose to the entire region of Asia. To further nip this danger in the bud, the founder of HunterG, Tigran Grigoryan, an AI expert and mathematician with a fair number of years of experience in software development, developed keep interest in seeking human welfare and thus created an AI model that can prevent creeping insects from putting us and our loved ones in harm’s way by detecting it through an inbuilt camera. And as a result afford the costumers the necessary comfort and phobia-free life they need to be productive.

Math World LLC was founded by Tigran Grigoryan inMay of 2022, in Yerevan, Armenia.

Also Math World incorporated in USA in November 2022. Tigran who doubles as the founder and current CEO of Math World/HunterG is an experienced research and development engineer and a software developer with a strong background in mathematics. An alumnus of Yerevan State University where he got certified as a master in Optimization and Numerical analyses, he is industrious and an artificial intelligence expert. His hands on experience in hardware engineering (ASIC) and related fields have led him to pursue frontline technological innovations in the society. One of such developmental strides to his name is the creation of AR-Watches – a certain kind of mobile powered wristwatches incorporated with AI. Overtime, he has proven his mettle in the world of AI, and especially as a software developer through the many-sided research projects and models created. Tigran’s keen interest in improving the lives of humans spurred the creation of HunterG.

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Owing to the effectiveness of the HunterG company, house owners in Armenia can now sleep peacefully and free from the fear of any scorpion or spider crawling over them – especially in the case of babies who sleep often without protective eye over them. This company has provided a fully autonomous product backed with its own power battery which can last you where you go, including all through the night as you sleep. Isn’t this the sole purpose of AI and AI-based companies: to help humans while they get adequate rest for more important things? HunterG is no exception as it helps you detect creeping spiders and scorpions. Aided by a laser, it sees around the house – even in the darkest of nights – and immediately calls for help with an alarm on detecting any of those described insect species. It is also inbuilt with a camera that pans into the direction of the creatures; following every of its movement as long as it is in view.

HunterG, though close on its heels by other similar companies who already have found their footing, is the first of its kind in a series of products developed by the founder of “Math World” that employs artificial intelligence in devices carefully designed for many situations in everyday life. As such, it not only has potentials of accruing heavy financial returns but also offering both customers and companies an opportunity to improve their personal and professional lives while still ensuring productivity that could have been stalled from using work-time to chase or kill insects; or being hurt from the bites of these dangerous creatures that could prevent work hours.

Therefore, consumers and entrepreneurs can leverage on the distinct opportunity this HunterG’s one-of-its-kind AI model offers, to further boost the consumer electronics industry. They can also show their support by patronizing the company to buy her products and services as well as recommend it to others for future use. In this way, they are also buying into HunterG’s desire to prevent death or terrible sickness while still aiding comfort and confidence. Customers can only show their support to this mission – yet again – by being committed to the company.

It is pertinent to also note that HunterG is a privately owned company with a twin desire to make profit and save lives. Although, it is privately owned, it can still be a fertile ground for investors which can also be a viable business opportunity to be a part of the progress and forceful advancement the consumer electronics industry is making in the global marketplace.

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Thus, as artificial intelligence is increasingly integrated into consumer electronics industry, into making lives of humans easy and comfortable, and free from dangers, HunterG aims to keep servicing this mission while aiming to become the world’s best (even as she begins from Armenia) providing you a home free from danger with their “all-seeing eye” – HunterG. The company also encourages viewers and potential customers to not sit on the fence in their decision to patronize the company as this can be both a potential business breakthrough long waited for and a slowly increasing necessity the society needs and would soon come to live with. HunterG aims to therefore dispel every phobia and sleeping anxiety by creating and distributing a durable product throughout the country – and the world indeed!

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