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How Health Insurance Can Benefit Your Small Business

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As a small business grows, more and more opportunities seem to open up. More clients, more space, and more employees are all exciting additions for your company, but they also mean that there’s more to keep track of than ever. As you onboard more and more employees, health insurance may be on your radar. This can seem overwhelming to look into at first, but there are plenty of tools to help along the way. Here are just some of the ways insurance can help benefit your small business.

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Save Money

Some of the most attractive advantages of offering health insurance are the tax benefits. Depending on the plan you use, you may be able to completely deduct the amount you spend on monthly premiums. You can even reduce your payroll taxes in some cases. Plus, when your employees receive regular healthcare, they’re less likely to miss work for health issues, preventing potential financial losses and disruptions in the workplace. If you’re worried about navigating your health insurance options, a Utah health insurance broker can help.

Attract Better Candidates

The best, most experienced, and most educated job candidates will be looking for the best workplaces. A huge part of making your company attractive to work for is the benefits package. For some candidates, vacation time and a 401k won’t cut it. Health insurance can be expensive for individuals, so health insurance as part of your compensation package may just be the factor that elevates you above your competition.

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Increase Retention

Increase Retention Health Insurance

Losing employees is expensive. When someone walks out, productivity plummets as everyone else scrambles to replicate the missing work. This is even more difficult if no one else has been trained in their position. Not only will you have to post the new job, conduct interviews, and select the best candidate, but you’ll also have to compensate for the missing team member in the meantime, and that’s before you get into training your new employee. It’s also not uncommon for someone to try a new position, discover it’s not for them, and leave, meaning you’ll have to go through the hiring process all over again. Keeping your employees happy with good benefits will go a long way in inspiring company loyalty, saving you time and money in the long run.

Create Healthier Workplaces

A healthier workplace is a happier, more productive workplace. Finding health insurance is a great opportunity to boost morale. Some plans cover personal trainers and gym memberships. If you don’t have a gym in your building, you can still encourage employees to engage in regular physical activity with a variety of office challenges. Maybe you want to see who can run the fastest mile, who can do the most lunges, or who can walk the most miles in a given timeframe. You can start a program for employees to group up for walks on lunch breaks, or offer incentives for utilizing exercise classes. Offer the right prize, and you may be surprised by who chooses to participate. As a word of warning, don’t make any of these events mandatory, especially if you plan weekend activities, like a company softball team. Trying to force people to participate after hours usually has the opposite of the intended effect.

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Make Healthcare Accessible

When individuals try to find health insurance without an employer’s assistance, they typically pay much higher prices for less coverage, and this is just the healthy applicants. Those with pre-existing conditions face far greater difficulties. This makes healthcare inaccessible for many people with different ranges of income and health needs. In some cases, paying out of pocket is more realistic than paying thousands into an insurance plan with large deductibles. Offering health insurance can quite literally change an employee’s life, especially if you offer coverage for dependants as well. Plenty of people have stayed in a position that wasn’t really their dream job simply because of the health benefits.

While trying to find the right plan for you can be a little tricky at first, there are plenty of ways to discover the plans available. Once you’ve decided on your healthcare needs as a company, you can narrow down your choices based on budget and coverage. You also don’t need to wait for a certain enrollment period. Small businesses can apply at any time, and even the owners get to reap the benefits!

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