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How Does an Applicant Tracking System Work? 

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ATS, an applicant tracking system, enables automated tracking of applicants. It stores and processes data in volumes.  The features include assessment generation, interview scheduling, message distribution, customized data export, and import. ATS options are suitable for midsize, enterprise, or small business requirements.

How an ATS works?

ATS software is job application software that screens the resumes automatically as per determined keywords. The ATS systems automatically integrate with calendars and schedule interviews for the candidates. It passes along the recruiting team qualified candidates and sends an in-app notification or an email as a follow-up.

The hiring team takes the candidates through the process of hiring, the resume, video interview recordings, interview answers, and other key documents saved in one interface. Reviewing the hiring team assets is convenient. Text message alerts are sent to the candidate mentioning the hiring progress.

ATS is recruitment software. It offers document templates, and the candidates offer letters. It saves time by providing background checks and helps in verifying paperwork during the onboarding process. The database of the ATS stores qualified applicants even to assist for future reference. It assists the hiring and recruiting team in building future openings.

Applicant tracking systems features

Applicant tracking systems features ats systems

An ATS is the hiring digital hub in a company. It centralizes the recruitment base in an organization by housing information on job openings, candidates, and placements. The Applicant tracking system includes a landing page builder to design an online customizable job application.

The key components of ATS software offers:

Advanced search

Features such as sorting and powerful search allow recruiters to filter the candidate listings. It helps surface candidates or their resumes by phrases, keywords, and experience or skills. The applicant tracking system works for all potential candidates as a database, and it helps the HR department know the indiviThis function of advanced search helps sort the companies through their records to fit candidates. Companies may use the data to attract better candidates and job applicatCareer site

ATS features customized input forms, job openings, candidate ranking, pre-screening questions, email notifications, and automated resume screening. An ATS includes a portal for the employees to apply, view job postings, or give a referral to outside candidates. ATS lets host careers on a website or a page. It requires your careers site to be hosted on a platform.

Interview tools

One of the Best Applicant Tracking Systems List includes the interview tools. It features video interviewing, automatic scheduling of interviews, tracking of notes, and recording ability.  There is an increase in phone interviews, and major vendors provide integrations or features facilitating digital interviews.

Candidate profile

This feature includes uploading documents, files, and information of a candidate. The assessment tools and reference check essential components. There may be some vendors referring to the overall workflows as candidate management. Hiring assessments include completion of tests in the ATS Software, outside vendor’s personality tests, and custom questions offered by hiring managers.

Analytics and reporting

Recruiting process is now paperless and only digital. It gathers data, stores, and generates reports to assist you in the hiring process. It also pinpoints the bottlenecks, if any. Tracking social sourcing efforts, managing advertising campaigns and career site engagement is possible with this recruitment software.

It has additional functionally varies with each ATS Software system workflow customizations. It includes job board postings, website integrations, event management, document collaboration, integrated marketing automation tools, permissions, and rules. These come as standard features, and some offer the same features as add-ons.

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