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How Did Kylie Jenner Start Such A Successful Business At Such A Young Age?

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Women are becoming successful entrepreneurs these days because they want to live a comfortable life. Kylie Cosmetics is a leading company that offers makeup products for women who want to enhance their overall look. The company, which was founded in 2016, is now selling a wide range of cosmetic products on the market. Kylie Jenner is the owner of the company and started her career as an actress in television serials. She was just 19 years old when she started Kylie Cosmetics, and she achieved various things in her teens. Time Magazine named Kylie the ‘most influential teenager in the world’ due to her achievements. Kylie is a role model for teenage girls who want to become entrepreneurs in their lives.

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What are the reasons that made Kylie a successful entrepreneur?

1. Passion

Kylie was passionate about her goals, which made her become an entrepreneur. She always wants to do something different and started a clothing and apparel business, ‘Kendall and Kylie,” with her sister in 2012. In 2015, she launched her mobile app, which earned the number one position on the app store. According to Kylie, passion is the key to ensuring high success when a girl wants to be a successful businesswoman. Her goal was to create a cosmetic brand and clothing store, and she worked hard toward her passion and accomplished what she wanted.

2. Kylie used social media wisely for her business

Kylie has 140 million followers on Instagram since she is a celebrity. As a result, she used Instagram for her business activities, which helped her reach more customers globally. Those who want to build brand awareness should know how to use social media wisely because it provides ways to engage them quickly. Social media is a powerful tool that allows new entrepreneurs to connect with their potential audience as soon as possible.

Kylie used social media wisely for her business Instagram

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3. Unique marketing techniques

Kylie studied the market properly to know the expectations of the audience. She understood the minds of people and where they wanted to spend money. Hence, she planned to start a cosmetic company that caters to the needs of youth. However, she knows that lots of cosmetic companies are on the market. Therefore, she launched a makeup kit for only lips after knowing the market trends.

Moreover, she opted for unique strategies to sell her kit, and she underwent several lip surgeries for this purpose. The marketing strategy worked well soon, and she became successful in a short period. She is very intelligent compared to other celebrities and gained market knowledge before launching her product.

4. Kylie used to spend her earnings properly.

Kylie became a young entrepreneur at the age of 14 when she and her sister started a clothing line. Both of them shared their profits from the sales, and Kylie used to save all her profits properly. She never wanted to spend her money in a futile way. Financial planning is important for entrepreneurs, and she invested her savings in the cosmetics company.

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5. She focused more on her business

Kylie focused more on her business and prepared various types of lip kits to grow it. Besides that, she enhanced her business skills in various ways to accomplish her goals. Her business received a good response in various countries, which improved her income.

6. Business planning

Planning is necessary for any business to succeed, and Kylie focused more on the best practices to achieve the best results. She is living a luxurious lifestyle because her net worth is around $5 million. Her earnings will increase in the future due to her hard work and other skills.


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