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How Commercial Cleaning Has Changed In Adelaide From COVID

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After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, many countries enforced regulations to curb the spread of the virus.  In Australia, for instance, the government declared a national pandemic and enforced lockdowns, travel bans, and social distancing protocols to control infections.  

This new normal means that many aspects of people’s lives have been affected. Businesses are one of the most affected sectors, as social distancing and lockdowns have slowed down operations. As a result, many companies have been forced to adopt new operations to keep their businesses afloat. For instance, commercial cleaning Adelaide services have had to develop new strategies to get and retain clients.

If you’d like more information on a reliable commercial cleaning company in Australia, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9toUqPGFYmjX6MCLUJ703g. This is just one of the many cleaning services that have had to adopt to the changing times. 

With cleanliness and disinfection being one of the foremost priorities of people since the pandemic began, it should come as no surprise that many changes have happened in the sector of cleaning services. To get a better understanding and appreciation for that fact, this article presents several ways that commercial cleaning has changed since COVID began.

1. Boost In Demand

With proper hygiene and cleanliness being a way to prevent the spread of COVID, more people are willing to get professional cleaning services for their homes. These cleaning companies have the proper equipment and expertise to disinfect your property while observing all the safety guidelines. 

Commercial cleaning proper hygiene and cleanliness

Moreover, there has been a surge in demand for cleaning products, such as sanitizers and disinfectant sprays. This has resulted in more business for certain commercial cleaning services that offer their own cleaning products. As people want to stay safe and avoid infection, the best way for them to do so is by letting professionals do the cleaning. 

2. Digitization Of Operations 

Commercial cleaning companies have embraced technology in most of their operations. This has enabled them to provide services to their customers without compromising their safety. The different areas in which these businesses have adopted digitization include the following: 

1. Automated Field Services 

In the cleaning sector, the field team plays a crucial part in the business, as they’re the ones who directly interact with clients. For this reason, cleaning businesses should empower their field team. One way they can do this is by making scheduling accurate and easy, since this can make or break a business. Using field management software has helped businesses to schedule their employees fairly and deliver services on time. Whenever a client requests cleaning services, an available field agent could be dispatched immediately, reducing clients’ wait time. 

Moreover, the software can help the field team and their supervisors communicate in real time regarding clients’ requests and other instructions. This allows for increased collaboration between different teams, which has boosted commercial cleaning services during the pandemic. 

2. Digital Marketing 

Internet usage has surged in the past year, with more people spending time on the web and on social media sites. This means that more clients are online—a fact that commercial cleaning services have taken advantage of. 

Cleaning businesses have tapped into social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies, such as content marketing and pay-per-click advertisements. These strategies have helped them connect with potential clients without physically interacting with them, allowing them to remain compliant with safety guidelines. Since digital marketing can guarantee good returns on investment if implemented correctly, this has helped cleaning companies grow. 

3. Customer Relationship Management 

Customer relations is an essential part of business, though not all businesses know how to maintain this. Getting a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is one way to get the job done effectively. 

CRM software has helped commercial cleaning services organize customer data and easily access them when needed. Different departments can access this data and work collaboratively to deliver a seamless customer experience. CRM can also be integrated with invoicing software, which makes it easy for cleaning services in Adelaide to be accurate, prompt, and professional in billing customers.

In addition, CRM software allows customers to make and preview requests for the company through a portal. This allows them to get things done without having to make a trip to the physical office. Cleaning services are then able to impress their customers with how efficiently the requests are handled, which allows them to grow their business further.

3. Focus On Safety

Commercial cleaning now puts stronger focus on the safety of both the employees and the clients. This isn’t limited to observing the health protocols enforced by the Australian government; it also involves how they conduct their cleaning. 

Cleaning companies are now expected to pay more attention to detail and consider each client’s individual needs. This means their services are less general; their guidelines are now more specific to the area they’re assigned to. For example, an office typically has more people than an average household, so it would require more frequent cleaning and more attention given to areas commonly used by people, such as waiting rooms and elevators.

The employees of cleaning companies have also been given more focus, as they’re the ones tasked with disinfecting everything. As a result, they’re always well-equipped with the proper safety gear, no matter if the area they’re cleaning is empty of people or not.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in how businesses operate. Many companies have been forced to adjust to the new normal in order to continue generating revenue. In Australia, commercial cleaning services were not exempt from this, and the industry saw many changes due to a rise in demand for cleaning services and more hygiene awareness.

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