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How Can You Improve The User Experience Of Your Online Startup?

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In the cutthroat world of online business, offering a site with a great user experience is vital. Indeed, studies show that around 90 percent of users will not return to a site if they find its UX to be unsatisfactory. Consumers know that they have plenty of choices online, and don’t need to stick around if they don’t like what they see.

These stats highlight how the user experience should be one of the key focuses of online business owners. There are various ways to make your website more friendly for your patrons, and these include everything from passwords to payment options.

Offer Alternatives to Passwords

Ask any internet user if they like passwords and you’re bound to get the same response. People are sick and tired of having to try to remember to log-in credentials to all the different sites they’ve joined. The average user has 100 pages that require password authentication, so it’s perhaps no surprise that users opt for similar, if not completely identical, passwords for the sake of remembering them all.

Use simple and clear web design user experience

The problem with this approach is that most accounts are therefore straightforward to hack. With a lack of variety among passwords and some users opting for easy-to-remember, generic passwords, it’s easy to pick up on patterns and interfere. For example, this handy infographic from ExpressVPN demonstrates that across the globe, regardless of cultural differences, there are certain trending passwords used by the majority of users within their respective regions. Take, for instance, Germany, and the most common password within this country: password. This highlights that password security is comprised universally and that people stick to more memorable, but sadly less efficient, passwords. All in all, this knowledge provides cybercriminals with a good starting point when trying to hack people’s accounts.

If you want to appease your customers, you could try offering some alternative methods to traditional passwords. Users would choose the security option that best suited them, which could come in the form of security keys or secret questions. Biometrics are also on the way, and if you can integrate these options, it would be beneficial.

Use Simple and Clear Web Design

The average time that people spend on a website is 15 seconds. This means that you only have a brief window to give people what they need before they start browsing elsewhere. If your website is too busy and it’s not clear how to navigate, users may be swayed to move on to another option.

Simple and clear web design is a great way to enhance the user experience and keep people at your site. No matter what your small business offers, it needs to be visibly displayed. You can use bright and bold tabs to direct people to different sections and guide them through the site without any fuss.

Provide Various Payment Options

There’s nothing worse than choosing a product or service and getting all the way to the checkout, only to find the site doesn’t accept your desired payment method. If this happens, the customer will have a bad experience and is likely to never return.

In the modern age, as we’ve reported before on Tycoon Story, it’s crucial to offer a variety of payment options. Different people have diverse preferences in this regard, and there are so many methods to choose from nowadays. The more you can provide, the better. This means there is less chance that someone will find themselves unable to pay.

User experience on a website is something that’s often overlooked by small business owners, and it could be a contributing factor to why 20 percent fail in their first year. By improving your web pages, you’re more likely to attract and keep people at your site.

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