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How Can An Online Mailing Service Help You?

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An online mailing service is a website where you can send and receive mail anywhere. It allows you to send letters, postcards, video greeting card, small packages, and more without going to the post office. You can use it for your personal or business correspondence needs if your mail meets their packaging guidelines.

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The service also helps you stay organized. It helps with everything, from packaging to delivery. Continue reading this article to get to know more about online mailing service.

How Does An Online Mailing Service Work?

The most popular way of using an online mailing service is emailing documents, such as photos and videos directly from your computer or mobile device. You’ll email these documents to the inbox of your chosen destination address through their website interface. Once they receive it, they’ll print it out on high-quality premium paper at no additional cost.

If you need more than just sending pictures, don’t worry because there are also several other ways, including scanning/faxing documents directly into their system. They’ll scan all incoming material before delivering it again via regular postal service delivery methods.

Now, how can this do you or your business any favor?  Read on for the answers.

1. No More Driving Or Parking In The Post Office

If you’ve ever had to go to the post office, you know it’s a tedious and time-consuming process. Not only do you have to drive there, but you also have to find parking spaces. Then, once inside, there are often long lines, and you sometimes even have to put up with rude postal workers.It can be incredibly frustrating just trying to mail something.

Using an online mailing service, on the other hand, will eliminate all of these problems for good. You won’t need to deal with such annoying issues anymore!

2. Use The Mail Tracking Feature To Know When A Package Arrives

Mail Tracking Feature To Know When A Package Arrives Online Mailing Service

You can use the tracking feature with online mailing services to see where your package is at any point in time, up until at arrives at its intended destination. You can also use this tracking feature to know the reason behind a failed delivery or for just about any issue concerning your mail.

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3. Get Signatures For Legal Documents And Immediately Download Them

Signatures are essential for legal documents and for many other types of documents. Signatures can be used to verify that the person who signed the document is the same person who’s named on the document. This helps protect everyone involved in an agreement or a transaction from fraud and identity theft issues.

An online mailing service offers electronic signatures that allow users, like business owners and accountants, to electronically sign essential documents. The website will then deliver the signed letter to the recipient, and regular activities will continue. This will improve the pace at which you do business, quashing obstructions concerning geography.

4. Sign Up For Email Alerts

You can sign up for email alerts that notify you each time you get a letter, package, or parcel. You can also set up alerts for specific addresses, such as your spouse’s or child’s. So, if you’re expecting an essential package from an online brand, for instance, and don’t want to wait around until it arrives at the post office, signing up for an email alert is the way to go. You can also do this with an online mailing company you and your family use. For one, they can send you alerts of the received hardcopy letters.

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5. Your Mailing History Is Saved

All of your mails will be stored for six months, sans any fee. This is especially useful if you want to review old letters or postcards you sent earlier. You can access them from anywhere, and from any device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even a desktop computer. You don’t have to worry about losing your stuff because everything’s backed up on their servers. Another great thing about all this is that you can also opt for and request physical copies of these emails.


You don’t have to be stuck in a post office or on the phone with any mailing company anymore. You can have all of your mails shipped directly to you or their respected recipients, and get notified about each one’s real-time whereabouts, until the time they arrive at their intended destinations. Also, you’ll be able to see exactly what was opened, letting you know whether or not someone went through your private information without permission. It’s safe to say that an online mailing service is a godsend considering the convenience and security it can offer.

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