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How AI Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Artificial intelligence has made its way into various industries and transformed them, mostly for the better. The same goes for the digital marketing world – the integration of AI has allowed brands to streamline workflows while enhancing digital marketing strategies and seeing the best return on investment from campaigns.

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Artificial Intelligence uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process human intellectual behaviours to complete tasks and gather data and can be used across content creation, ad targeting, website design, chatbots and many more.

There are endless benefits for businesses using AI, for example, using AI for lead generation management, personalized email marketing, campaign management or even data-tracking.

AI Algorithms and Data Tracking

AI has transformed digital marketing using data and information to analyse and report on audience behaviours and market trends. Essentially, AI learns who your audience are – it understands their buying patterns and can allow brands to create content that performs better with their target audience.

Data like this ultimately gathers user information such as age, interests, gender and other demographics which then allows businesses to create highly personalized content, such as promotions, recommendations, email campaigns targeted to specific customers.

Speaking of data – AI technologies are not limited to tracking buying patterns and audience personas, they can be used to report on location-specific requests, on-site behaviour and help convert leads to customers.

Visual Content and Video Marketing

Visual Content and Video Marketing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that 40% of millennials trust video content the most? This is no surprise, seeing as humans process visual content, e.g. videos, 60,000 times faster than audio or text. So, you can see why it’s important to create visually appealing campaigns that will capture your audience’s attention.

Video marketing is a huge way to attract your audience and keep them interacting with your brand. Video content can be used to compliment blog posts, as video ads, social media campaigns and more. Brands should always be aiming to create content that is engaging and also relevant to the business, and audience.

There are AI tools that allow you to convert blogs and articles to videos, giving people the option to watch and listen in, instead of having to read if they don’t have the time. Also, indulging in video technology enhances your brands authority and customer trust, after all, we are living in a digital era.

An example of how AI can enhance user experience through visual content is in real estate. Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) have helped transform the way the industry is currently running – since the pandemic, estate agents have been able show viewers ‘digital tours’ of their prospective properties, which can usually be accessed via a computer, laptop or even phones and tablets.

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Targeting and Retargeting Ads

Machine learning is a great tool when it comes to targeting, or retargeting ads as it can help distinguish which of your ads are the most effective, which ads are performing well and which are not, allowing you to overall optimise your ad campaigns.

These AI generated ads are based on user interests, which enhances the likelihood of converting them into a customer.

Remarketing ads is a great way to go after customers who have already engaged with your business, and AI has helped streamline this process too by distinguishing user’s previous interaction with brands.

AI and SEO

When used in conjunction with SEO practices, AI can provide searchers an enhanced user experience. This is because Google has become brilliant at distinguishing different search intents, aiming to provide the best search engine results for Google My Business and general Google shopping results.

Furthermore, using AI for content generation is a key tool for streamlining business processes – this can be short blog posts, web copy, articles, or even video captions – the writing opportunities are endless! AI can strategically pick out the most relevant keywords within the copy to rank higher up in the search results.

Voice control has become a widely used tool for those who are on the go, multi-tasking, or simply want to get results quicker than by typing their enquiries out therefore using AI to enhance content for voice search is just as crucial as other elements in your digital marketing strategies. Because AI can comprehend and translate speech patterns and differentiate the type of search queries, this also streamlines and enhances the customer search journey, too.

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Final words

It is clear that AI is here to stay, and that it will continue to provide valuable customer insights and enhance digital marketing practices, as it has done so far. Marketers should be indulging in new technologies to differentiate themselves in this competitive digital landscape.

About the Author: Berna Sponca is a content marketing and Digital PR strategist with The Brains. With years of digital marketing experience, Berna specializes in building high-authority links and connecting with high-profile publications to boost brand awareness.

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