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Work From Home Jobs for Retirees | Second Career After Retirement

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It could be that you have retired & have nothing to do at home, except laze around. But there are some who may have used their precious savings to educate their children or to build their dream home. If you are one of them, then you need to get some work that will offer some good pay. Fortunately, there is available Work From Home Jobs for retirees that you can apply & try. You can choose something that fits perfectly your experience & expertise gained over the years.

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Top work at home ideas for retirees

  • Career coach: If you have sufficient exposure & experience as a career coach, then you can get this job easily. You can use Google Meet, Facetime, Skype & Zoom meetings to conduct face-to-face meetings. This work involves providing resume tips, interview tips & career guidance to those interested.

Work From Home Jobs for Retirees | Second Career After Retirement

  • Bookkeeper: This job involves processing payroll & maintains gin accounts. You can earn around $25-$30/hour.
  • Customer service representative: You need to have excellent phone etiquette to manage the customers. You need to respond to emails & answer calls. The pay ranges around $10-$18/hour.
  • Consultant: If you have years of career expertise, then you can work as a part-time consultant providing valuable consultation to corporate companies. Your work involves identifying & resolving issues. You can avail consultant opportunities in several fields like high-tech, finance, human resources, etc.

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  • Editor: To apply for this job, you need to have good clarity, punctuation, and grammar skills. This should be combined with adequate exposure to reviewing written content. If you possess the above, then you can become the job of a remote editor. You may be required to work around 5-10 hours/week. Your work may involve proofreading newsletters to editing manuscripts, etc.
  • Data entry specialist: Your task involves updating & entering crucial data on the computer system. For this, you need to have some speed in typing & be tech-savvy. You also need to be comfortable with entering numbers.
  • Online English tutor: This is definitely one of the most fun retirement jobs available to work from home. you can get the opportunity to teach students of all ages. Instructions can be remotely offered through online learning platforms or videos. You can earn around $16-$22/hour & enjoy fixed schedules. However, you might need to have a valid English teaching certification to teach from an accredited institution.
  • Instructional designer: This job involves development & designing a learning curriculum. You get around $35-$40/hour. You can apply for such jobs in a variety of industries like graphic design, IT, healthcare, etc. You can use your years of experience to educate others.
  • Legal assistant: It is one of the most demanded part-time jobs for seniors at home. The job involves managing administrative work like responding to client requirements through text, email & phone.

Work From Home Jobs for Retirees | Second Career After Retirement

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  • HR Coordinator: Your job involves conducting orientations to help new hires, employees coordinate benefits, and process enrollments. The other duties are sourcing & evaluating potential candidates, conducting phone interviews, screening resumes & carrying out background checks.

With the current pandemic creating havoc the whole world, companies of all types, domains & sizes have been promoting WFH culture. After retirement, such jobs can be the perfect solution to derive some extra money to meet your day-to-day expenses. Also, you do not have to travel anywhere or sacrifice on value energy or time. You can apply for the above-mentioned jobs & work from anywhere. There have mushroomed several job websites that offer WFH opportunities to people of all ages including retirees. Going through them will allow you to enjoy pursuing a second career.

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