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Sunday, May 24, 2020
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Tools for Running Your Business from Home

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Nowadays, many people are interested in running a business from their homes. You should understand that home-based business can bring a lot of advantages for you. You can get time freedom and great opportunities to achieve your success easily when you start your own business from home. However, you have to prepare everything properly. You also need to choose the best tools for helping you with your needs. Here are some recommended tools that you can use for running your business from home easily. Some of these tools are free for all users.



1. TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus

If you have some employees who are working in your home, you should consider using this tool today. This time tracking software can bring a lot of benefits for all users. When using this software, you can get access to its accurate attendance system. Some useful features can be found in this tool, for example, absence management system, workforce scheduling, time clocks, and many other features. This time and attendance tracker allows you to maximize the efficiency of your workers easily. This tool can help you take a look at the performance of your workers.


This tool is very powerful to help you work collaboratively with any of your employees. You can find a good combination of Trello’s unique lists, cards, and also boards. All of these details allow you to organize and also prioritize any projects in a flexible and fun way. You can add any details to your job description, for example, comments, due dates, attachments, and any other important things for you. This tool also allows you to share any of your ideas and meeting results with all of your members. This tool can be accessed via mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.


3. Google Drive

As a home-based business owner, you need to take care of everything for supporting your business needs. Therefore, you need to keep your favorite files and documents in the right place. When it is necessary, you can also store some important photos and videos for your home-based business. Google Drive can provide the best backup system from your laptop or computer. Therefore, you will never have to lose any important files in the future. Each account of Google Drive is going to receive up to 15 GB. This capacity is large enough for you who want to store your favorite files or documents securely.


This is an important tool that you need to use, especially if you want to control the expenses of your home-based business. Shoeboxed can provide a painless and fast way to digitalize all receipts in a secure location. This tool is going to turn the receipts into extracted and human-verified data. This data will be organized and categorized properly, so you can search for any receipts easily. Shoeboxed is also compatible with any other accounting programs that are available today, for example, Evernote, WorkingPoint, RightSignature, and some other popular apps. It can give you flexibility when using this powerful tool.


5. Xero

If you want to have a successful home-based business, you need to use the best accounting software today. Xero can be a perfect option for all small business owners. This accounting software is going to store all the necessary data and details on its cloud storage. Therefore, you can simply log in online anywhere and anytime on your PC, mobile phone, tablet, and also Macbook. This accounting software is going to show you a real-time view of your business cash flow. This tool also allows you to send online invoices to any of your customers.


6. Fiverr

Fiverr home-based business

Many people are happy with the best service quality that is offered by Fiverr. This website has a lot of freelancers who are ready to help you with their knowledge and skills. It offers a wide variety of professionals with certain skills, including accounting, content creation, marketing, website creation, and many other skills. This site can help you fill any gaps in your home-based company without hurting your budget. Make sure that you read all reviews from any sellers before you choose the best one for yourself. Hiring freelancers from Fiverr can be more beneficial than hiring full-time employees for your home-based business.

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