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How To Protect Yourself When Running A Home Business

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Many of us have had to pivot our professional obligations in 2020 and 2021. That might involve working from home, building out our home office, taking or scheduling meetings over Zoom and other conferencing apps, and generally working as hard as you can without being able to speak to our colleagues face-to-face. 

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Yet sometimes, there are matters that transcend how productive you are, such as when running a home business – as more than one consideration applies. What matters is learning how to protect yourself in this light, perhaps giving more thought to the matter than you might if you were working as an employee for someone else’s’ initiative. Okay, so far, so good. But how can we ensure the security of our business is watertight, that even in the midst of a pandemic it can be maintained, and that we not only chase adequate solutions, but solutions that help us better compete with more accomplished initiatives in our area?

Those are great questions to ask, and they can truly make a difference. Let’s try and answer them:

Use A Physical Address Service

Using a physical address and virtual mailbox services can help you not only track your correspondence but host an address that keeps your home business safe. This helps you not only track your correspondence, but it helps you avoid giving out your personal information when managing clients, working with partners, or promoting your brand. In that way, you can make sure that your sensitive data is as safe as it can be, and that you have the tools, seamlessly working with apps like Evernote, to curate your best ambition.

Keep Your Personal History Safe

Keep Your Personal History Safe Home Business

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Of course, it’s also important to ensure that your personal profiles online are well-protected. Sure, you may be a social-media poweruser, but do you want your personal posts dating back years to be associated with your business? You might not have anything embarrassing per se, but running your page from a public profile where your wedding photos are visible might not be the best idea. You can curate two pages and manage them with apps like Facebook’s Page Manager, helping you keep a more segmented approach when both curating and

managing your brand.

Use Worthwhile Software Protections

There are many excellent software protections out there, that would be home-businesses should prioritize. They can make an excellent difference regarding how your brand is curated. For instance, VPN protections can help you log into your online work modules with a more encrypted connection – this helps protect your sensitive data. Adding 2 factor authentication and encrypting files in your cloud accounts can help you avoid making a mistake or being the victim of a phishing attack. We would also recommend that you vet who you outsource with, and only use secure links and encrypted messenger apps like Slack or Signal to communicate. It can really help you, safety-wise, and you don’t have to be a black-hat hacker to require privacy and protection at all times.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily protect yourself when running a home business.

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