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Hire An Entrepreneur To Rediscover Your Business

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Every employer wants an employee who’s a motivated self-starter. However, most employers spend way too much time looking for bodies to fill positions instead of assets that will add to the growth of their organization. Innovative leaders are needed to lead companies forward, yet few employers are willing to hire people who know more about their business than they do. An entrepreneur is at ease taking the initiative and being the boss.

Why are employers reluctant to hire entrepreneurs?

Because there’s an assumption that it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to relinquish control and allow another individual to take ownership. Most entrepreneurs are comfortable taking the lead and being the boss. However, one virtue employers often overlook is an entrepreneur’s ability to know when to lead and when to follow.

In order to be a good leader, you must know when it’s appropriate to listen and when to give input.

Below are a few additional skills entrepreneurs hold that make them invaluable to employers.

Understand the Big Picture

Entrepreneurs understand every aspect of a business, including raising capital, managing budgets, creating benchmarks and measurements, and marketing and promotions. They understand the difference between revenue and profit. They understand how their decisions regarding investments, capital expenditures, and cash flow affect the business in the short and long term.

Why? Because they’re accustomed to wearing many hats. Every role within the organization is often filled by the business owners themselves. If they fail to produce results, they don’t have to look very far to figure out what needs to change.

Understands Victories Are Short-Lived

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to improve or top a previous success. Celebrating successes or milestones is important. Most entrepreneurs have a long-term vision of where they want to go. Getting comfortable is really not an option.

Understands victories are short-lived entrepreneur

Takes Bold Risks

Employers want to hire someone who’s not afraid to take risks to grow the business. More importantly, an entrepreneur who is familiar with failure is typically more intuitive in their decision-making concerning the business.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to every entrepreneur. I know some who never grasp what it takes to run a successful business. Yet those who’ve learned from their mistakes and are constantly learning how to improve are in a better position when opportunities come along.

Passionate About Their Business

Most entrepreneurs typically start businesses in an industry in which they’re passionate. This sets entrepreneurs apart from the average job-seeker because they’re more likely to acquire knowledge that will add value to the company. Employees with an entrepreneurial mindset enjoy learning about various aspects of the business on their own time.

Understands The Value Of Relationships

Entrepreneurs are more likely to engage in activities related to their industry outside of normal work hours including networking online and offline. Those who excel at networking typically have a valuable network and connections to other business owners in their industry.

This is an added bonus for employers, especially, if the entrepreneur has access to decision-makers at companies they want to do business with in the future.

Cultivating healthy business relationships is an asset and skill every employee should be required to develop.

In Conclusion

Every employer desires a team of professionals who are resilient and armed with a strong entrepreneurial drive. If you look at hiring entrepreneurs as an investment rather than a challenge, the returns will pay off for your organization.

I would love to get your input on this subject. If you’re an employer who has hired entrepreneurs in the past, what was your experience like? Would you hire one now? Let us know in the comments below.

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