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Twin Chiropractor Sisters Practice a Holistic Approach to Healing

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Solana Beach, California is home to two twin sisters that together share a passion of helping others heal. Drs. Kira & Suzanna opened up a wellness center north of San Diego in Southern California. Here, they practice a specialized chiropractic technique that brings a holistic approach to healing.

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This technique is not your traditional bone-popping chiropractic care that many of us are used to. Twin Waves Wellness Center practices network spinal analysis (NSA), which is a gentle force chiropractic technique. As holistic chiropractors in Solana Beach, they help patients work through both physical and emotional traumas. This chiropractic technique bridges the gap between the physical and emotional realms. How much can our emotions really affect our physical  state?

Holistic Chiropractic Care

Holistic Chiropractic Care Twin Chiropractor

Holistic chiropractors believe that great change can come from small forces. They do not do the typical ‘manual’ adjusting that many of us having likely experienced. Their goal is to work with areas of the body that are already resourced. By tapping into these areas, they can help other areas of the body that are not.

It’s astounding how people with physical injuries can recover through gentle force chiropractic sessions. There is also an emotional component to holistic chiropractic care. Twin Waves Wellness Center helps people that come in dealing with anxiety and depression. Oftentimes, when people are dealing with these things, they stored negative energy within the body. Network spinal chiropractors help people to confront these emotions and work through them.

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Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor comes with a variety of health benefits. Many people wait until they are in extreme pain before visiting a chiropractor. This type of care can be viewed as proactive instead of reactive. Of course, when someone is in pain, they should seek some type of medical assistance. However, it’s important to note that people can receive chiropractic care even for smaller aches and pains. A common injury that has been flooding our society recently, which is often dismissed as not a big deal, is neck pain. Particularly, due to texting.

Text Neck

People have their phones in the hands constantly throughout the day. This is causing people to suffer from what is called ‘text neck’. Teenagers especially are combatting this right now. Text neck is when people suffer from a slight downward curvature in the neck due to long periods of looking down at their phone. Text neck can cause short-term neck pain. If not corrected, long-term exposure to this unnatural neck position can lead to chronic neck pain.

Visiting a chiropractor can help you most importantly identify that you even have ‘text neck’. Many people that suffer from this have absolutely no idea. Getting clarity from a chiropractor on the cause of your neck pain is very enlightening. Neck pain, especially when initially minor, is easy to brush under the rug and dismiss as nothing. Chiropractors can point on things like this to help you treat them right away before they become an issue.

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Improved Sleep

Another huge benefits of visiting a chiropractor is improving your quality of sleep. Of course, when you are relieved of chronic pain, you will likely be able to rest easier. Consistent chiropractic care also helps align your spine, back, and neck, making it easier to sleep. If you toss and turn throughout the night, receiving chiropractic adjustments can help you feel more comfortable when lying down.


Chiropractic care comes with various health benefits that can help you today. There are many different types of chiropractic, some of which bring a more holistic approach to healing. When searching for a chiropractor, determine what your needs are first. That can help guide you to figuring out what type of chiropractor you want to see and what health goals you have. Chiropractors, like Twin Waves Wellness Center, are here to help you along your healing journey.

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