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Some precautions that can make breast reconstructive surgery a success

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Nowadays, many people have become conscious of their looks, making breast reconstruction surgeries popular worldwide. There are two variants of breast reconstruction surgery that is flap reconstruction, and the other one is implant reconstruction. Depending on the person’s requirement, they can opt for it. Sometimes people go for reconstruction because of cancer surgery. After going through breast surgery, it might take a few weeks to recover. You need to follow specific tips to have a successful reconstruction surgery without any mishaps.

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Wearing a post-surgical bra is mandatory 

You cannot ignore certain areas, especially after breast reconstruction. Your doctor will give you a post-surgery bra, and you need to wear it to minimize swelling, giving proper support to your breast. If you appropriately wear the bra, it will help you get the best results. It would help if you asked a doctor when to start using the regular bra. Mostly you can do that only after the incision heals.

Be careful about your surgical drains

Many times, post-surgery drain tubes get attached to the side of your breast. It helps to drain out fluids to reduce the swelling successfully. Your doctor team will teach you how to take care of the drain tube. It is significant for you to take care of your incision and your drainpipe so that you heal faster.

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Understand pain management techniques

Often, surgeons might give you a pain reliever to handle the pain after the reconstructive surgery. These medicines might risk dependence; therefore, understand the dosage correctly. You must take the pain medications as per the instructions of the doctor. If you do not get pain relief after having the medicines, you should immediately contact your physician.

How to care for the incision?

Sometimes, a doctor might suggest some simple stretching exercises after surgery. Nonetheless, do not overdo these exercises or engage in excessive movement. Any rubbing might lead to infection. Therefore, do not engross in any stress exercises within a few weeks after the surgery. Consult your doctor before you resume your daily activities after the incision heals properly.

Is physical therapy a good option?

Sometimes a doctor might even prescribe you to go for physical therapy to maintain your motion and strength. Those women who have undergone flap reconstruction surgery should undergo physical therapy to rehabilitate the donor tissues. You must understand the movement techniques under trained physical therapists to regain your strength and safeguard the incision.

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Patience is the key

Looking at your breast right after the surgery might shock you. However, you should remain calm and understand the surgery is traumatic for your body, both physically and mentally. So, it is better that you give time to your body to heal and stabilize adequately. You need to understand the proper recovery time to take care of your body altogether, avoiding any issues.

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