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Common Ways for Treating Dual Diagnosis at Muse Treatment in LA

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Substance abuse can take a greater toll on people who fall into it. It can not only affect a person physically, but it can also harm their mind. A dual diagnosis is defined as such. The United States of America is regarded as one of the dependable countries to which people can turn to heal and recover from substance misuse and related disorders.

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California has hundreds of drugs and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, making it a popular destination for addiction treatment. And Muse therapy is one of them. They provide great care and service to all of their patients who are struggling with drug dependence or other issues. Hence, we will look at what a dual diagnosis is and what methods Muse Treatment uses to treat patients.

Dual Diagnosis

Before we move ahead with the treatment, knowing what a dual diagnosis is essential. Dual Diagnosis occurs when a patient has both a substance use disorder, such as alcohol or drug abuse, and a mental illness, such as depression symptoms, bipolar disease, panic disorder, etc.

Dual diagnosis treatment at Muse Treatment

While removing substances from the body is necessary, dealing with mental issues simultaneously is far more vital for long-term healing. Muse Treatment in Los Angeles is well-known for providing high-quality dual diagnosis treatment that keeps individuals from relapsing after being clean for a long period. The rehabilitation center uses the following treatment approaches to cure patients with dual diagnoses.

Medication Dual Diagnosis

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This is usually the initial step in any rehab treatment center to assist in the removal of any dependency substance that the patient has been on for a long time. The patient must go through a detox program under the supervision of medical professionals at every level of their treatment in this procedure. This also provides a base for other treatments that are on the way to the patient’s recovery.

Group sessions

Group sessions with other patients and the patient’s family and friends can make a significant difference in the treatment of dual diagnosis. This exercise provides patients with a sense of security, encouragement, and assurance that they are not alone in this journey.

Muse Treatment organizes a ‘Family Weekends’ program for patients to get together and spend time with their loved ones. The treatment center also makes it a point to contact the patient’s family regularly to keep them up to date on the changes and progress of the patient and how to cope with the behavioral changes that occur during their recovery.


In addition to counseling and talking, medication is an important aspect of the therapy process. Professionals prescribe various medications based on the patient’s situation to treat both mental illness and substance addiction.

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Multiple therapies

If a patient has a dual diagnosis, they can expect to engage in various therapies at Muse Treatment.

  • It could be counseling, in which patients can discuss their experiences and feelings with a professional who can assist them in improving their mental health.
  • Whether a patient is creative or not, they can benefit from art therapy, which allows them to express their emotions via art during the rehabilitation process.
  • Furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy is a tried-and-true way of assisting patients in overcoming negative thinking and recovering more positively.

Improves lifestyle

Muse Treatment also helps patients improve their lifestyle by providing them with a clean diet that balances the chemicals and hormones in the body to detox effectively. They also encourage patients to establish a routine and exercise to relieve any stress and restlessness during the procedure, keeping them healthy and getting a good night’s sleep.

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