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HashCash : Commitment to Excellence and Innovation through Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Operating on a global scale, HashCash is a software company specializing in developing blockchain platforms for incorporation across multiple domains. But it also provides services, innovative solutions, and digital products in blockchain, AI, big data, cloud, and IoT.

The company focuses on services associated with digital assets, including a white-label exchange solution for crypto-trading, payment processor software, ICO services, IEO, and other customized blockchain applications.

The company endorses technological progress by contributing to it with its Blockchain 1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels. With a focus on innovation and delivering solutions that exceed expectations, HashCash takes on digital business transformation challenges worldwide.

Raj Chowdhury, a renowned blockchain pioneer, founded Hashcash Consultants and PayBito. He founded the company in 2015 in Palo Alto, California, USA. Operating as a Series B company, it takes pride in its group of dedicated professionals with hands-on expertise across multiple sectors.

HashCash team not only innovates creative solutions but ensures excellent customer experiences. Communication is of the essence, where professionals keep clients updated about progress in every development phase.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies hashcash

To complement its services, the company also operates a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, PayBito, and a crypto payment processor, BillBitcoins. Experts in banking security, cryptocurrency trading, and blockchain technology developed and managed the business.

Aiming to be the best US crypto exchange, PayBito innovated its existing structure with features like crypto collateralized lending, additional altcoin listing, and hosting IEOs for DeFi products. In this regard, the company’s white-label crypto exchange has been a benchmark in the crypto industry, introducing integrated crypto-forex trading, state-of-the-art liquidity, and security provisions.

The company has also catered to global banking giants and financial institutions with customized products such as ACH, Digital Identity, Digitized Trade Finance Portfolio,  HC Market Maker, Exchange Softwares for Commodity, Stock, and Forex.

Moreover, to accommodate the corporate and retail sectors, the company has developed payment and remittance solutions facilitating international settlements at fractional costs. Enterprises have utilized the company’s supply chain solutions for better traceability and the HC NET for improving organizational efficiency. Founded and operated on the belief that blockchain adoption across industries will bring about sustainable and productive solutions to real-world problems,

Founder Raj Chowdhury pioneered the first interbank trade finance and remittance implementation of blockchain technology between two of the largest global banks. He is a contributor to the Economic Times, CNNMoney, and Business World and an active proponent of blockchain adoption.

An alumnus of Tufts University, Santa Clara University, and the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy for MS, and MBA, he has also completed certifications from various prestigious institutions. For experience, Raj Chowdhury worked as a research associate in MIT’s Microsystems Technology Lab.

Along with amassing technical expertise, Chowdhry is also a vibrant member of the philanthropic community, working with Asha Silicon Valley, a nonprofit committed to education for children in emerging countries. He has also authored the book ‘The Dark Secret of Silicon Valley”.

“The company’s blockchain-powered innovations have been deployed across 5 continents in over 26 countries, including Europe, the USA, UAE, Singapore, Australia. These customers include global institutional traders seeking resources to set up a cryptocurrency exchange and have opted for the company’s comprehensive white label exchange platform. They offer a trial run of its exchange architecture before finalization and welcome collaboration with forex brokerage solutions.”

HashCash company has developed a loyalty rewards solution for a major US retail brand, and its products have been deployed in the newly emerging space research industry.

The firm has presented multiple blockchain solutions, partnering with space tech giants working on space commodity marketplaces, Swiss TRDS satellites, and more. The company is recognized by credible websites as a top blockchain development company and a top white-label crypto exchange provider.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have already accelerated mainstream awareness and adoption. Most major banks and financial institutions are actively involved in blockchain technology or crypto investments. Numbers and associated statistics prove that the unnecessary criticism of digital assets regarding their legitimacy is unwarranted.

The debate about regulation is another matter that does not disapprove of the importance of digital assets. One can argue that decentralized economies can function efficiently. Blockchain is a trusted network because it seeks to minimize human intervention, promoting automation on many levels through the implementation of smart contracts.

The support required by this industry pivots around education. Misconceptions and erroneous information abound because of the wrong-headed efforts of many figures. This sad, widespread misunderstanding can be eradicated by learning objectively about how this technology functions. Allegations equating cryptocurrency to Ponzi schemes are falsified claims and can be countered with logical and mathematical expressions.

HashCash company offers its technical expertise, services, and solutions to primarily mid- to large-level organizations. Its flagship products and consulting services have taken off from the start and have been profitable from day one. Customer experience is given the foremost importance by the company, which has resulted in its stellar growth.

The company offers partnership programs through which it invites enterprises to become a part of this lucrative venture and gain an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and its applications. The company intends to go public by the last quarter of this financial year. It should be enlisted in Nasdaq by then.

Message to your customers and viewers

Although a late entrant, blockchain already disrupts and expedites digital transformation. Compared to the other vital movers, blockchain has the unique ability to authenticate and validate data, facilitating its integration with all these technologies and across countless industries. Upcoming blockchain innovations feature futuristic innovations that reduce the gap between the physical and digital worlds—the metaverse and Web 3.0.

Businesses seeking growth opportunities will need to upgrade their existing technological infrastructure for resource optimization. Blockchain can help them achieve the same, in addition to opening new doors to undiscovered opportunities. It is not a matter of self-promotion but of technological evolution.

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