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Group Life Insurance For Your Employees: What Do You Need To Know

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The employees are an organization’s most precious resource. After all, not even the giants of the business world can function without the right people! And yet, we are currently going through the so-called Great Resignation with more people quitting their jobs than ever.

The current crisis is the natural workforce response to low-paid menial jobs and the increase in the possibility of remote work and entrepreneurship. Plus, people who are truly valuable in their niche have the luxury of choosing the companies they want to work for. Overall, it’s fair to say that the work market is quite volatile right now.

Given the current situation, it’s only natural to want to make sure your talent is happy and doesn’t nurture any plans to jump ship. And, while financial compensation usually does the trick, many employees also want to feel appreciated and comfy at their workplace. This is where benefits come into the scene, and group life insurance is quite a compelling one.

Whether you are an employer looking to offer group life insurance as a benefit, or you are an employee who has this benefit, it’s important to understand how it works and who is covered.

What is Group Life Insurance?

This type of insurance covers multiple people under one plan and is often used by companies, unions, trade associations, and other types of employers. In most situations, the beneficiaries of this plan are employees and members of professional associations.

The costs are usually covered by the employer in full, but they can also be subsidized. Also, depending on the company and the plan they chose, group life insurance plans can cover anywhere from $50,000 to double the annual salary.

The Pros of Having Group Life Insurance

Employers who offer this benefit know that group insurance plans are, at times, more advantageous than individual plans. For instance, it’s quite easy to qualify since the risk is measured for the whole group.

The pros of having group life insurance natural workforce

Therefore, group policies offer guaranteed coverage even if individual plans may have been a bit fussy about taking you in. Plus, the premium is set based on the group’s risk profile, which is why it helps if the group is diversified and part of a reliable company or association.

Also, unlike individual insurance plans, you don’t have to do any research on providers, coverage conditions, and so on. Even more, the application process is less cumbersome and much shorter.

Lastly, a group life insurance plan is more affordable (the monthly premium is lower), especially if you are not in perfect health when you apply. However, keep in mind that, if the premium increases, the company may not want to pay for the entire coverage. Still, in most cases, companies offer this plan as a benefit, so employees don’t have to worry about the payments.

What You Need to Know

As a beneficiary, it’s important to know that the coverage of such a plan is usually limited. Since the costs are supported by a company or an organization, it’s only natural that they will look to get the maximum benefits for less money.

Also, the employer can stop the plan at any given time. That’s why group life insurance should come as a supplement to an individual plan. Plus, even if the premium is affordable when you first join in, there’s no guarantee that it won’t go up in the near future (in this case, the rate is not locked in for a specific period of time).

Is It Worth It?

As long as you understand how it works and its purpose, the group life insurance plan can be a nice supplement to your individual plans. From the employer’s point of view, this is a benefit that can keep employees happy for a longer period of time, since they’ll be losing coverage if they decide to leave.

Overall, it is a good deal for all the parties involved. However, each person and organization must decide based on their current situation and plans for the future.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, a group life insurance plan shows that the offering company or organization cares about their employees and takes the necessary steps to keep them happy.

Still, besides the care for one’s employees, businesses also need authentic leadership that will help model the inner workings and develop a flow that keeps the team productive and motivated.

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