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Google News Is Getting Ready To Revamp Its Tablet Apps In The You-style Of Material

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The Improvements To Be Made in the You-Style of the Material

Google vowed to improve its design language for its apps last year so they could benefit from the larger screens on bendable phones and tablets. And the business has kept its word by giving numerous apps improved design, including Google Photos, Google Keep, Google Play Store, and Google TV. Now the Google News app will receive a similar design upgrade.

Google News is receiving a new layout and style for tablets, according to screenshots shared in the Google News Telegram channel and seen by Android Police. The biggest change is that when using the tablet in landscape mode, the navigation rail (tabs) are moved from the bottom to the right-hand side of the screen.

The New Design Explained

The app’s most recent update includes a few interface tweaks tailored specifically for tablets. One of the finest things that have happened to the operating system recently is the release of Android 13. It enhances the Material You design principles that Google launched with Android 12 by bringing utilitarian beauty. Such rules have changed since they were first introduced, forcing some first-party Google apps to play catch-up. Google News is the most recent to experiment with a fresh aesthetic, updating its tablet version with a few Material Design 3 (MD3) elements.

Along with changing from a rectangle to rounded corners, the search bar now resembles other apps that employ the Material You design language. In keeping with the Material You (MD3) design principles, it also seems that the app will use some hues that are reminiscent of wallpaper. Although the upgrade (version 5.72) hasn’t yet begun to spread, we may anticipate it to do so in the upcoming days.

According to information published in the Google News Telegram channel, Google News 5.71 brings about a number of vision problems that you’ll see when you use the program on Android tablets. The left-side vertical navigation rail with the buttons for Headlines, Newsagent, Follow, and For You represents the most obvious change. The bottom longitudinal navigational rail that can still be seen in the smartphone is not in this design.

Google news android tablets

Other notable differences include a card-style layout for news programming with curved edges at the front and a division between the scrollable portion for articles and app options and the fixed UI elements like the nav rail and header. Also, the search bar has changed from being plain rectangular to one that has curved edges.

The earliest indications of the Material You design appearing in the Google News app back in May of last year made these modifications predictable. Google also upgraded a large number of additional first-party products, including Google TV, to conform to MD3 specifications.

Bottom Line

If you use a smartphone and want to see the updates for yourself, Google News version 5.72 is readily installable from APKMirror. It will be accessible then.

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