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Google News Innovation Challenge – Indian Winners Of The Challenge – What Is It And Who Won?

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The Google News Innovation Challenge – What Is It?

The GNI Innovation Challenge gives global news outlets the tools they need to lead the world in. Google accepts applications from all varieties of media organizations worldwide. These organizations pitch and explain their ideas, which may include new products, daring business models, or even projects to better understand their local communities. And each year, Google chooses a small number of them to obtain financing to realize their ideas.

There Are Six Winners of the GNI in India.

Today, we’re announcing the winners of the 2022 Google News Initiative (GNI) APAC Innovation Challenge, including the six Indian media organizations that were chosen to advance their concepts. We are also soliciting registrations for a brand-new training program in data journalism called “Data Dialogue,” which is offered in numerous cities all over India.

There are six winners of the gni in india digital news

1. The Ken.

Through much more detailed and deeper interactions, Ken hopes to make it simpler for existing users to engage with paid content articles.

2. Public Next.

Public Next has emerged as a winner of the Google News Innovation Challenge. Online platforms and services will be introduced by PublicNext, a local newsroom, to empower the neighborhood to connect, engage in debate and conversation, and express disagreement with the editorial content. Additionally, readers will be able to ban and flag inappropriate talks thanks to an “AI engine.”

3. EastMojo

The next winner of the GNI is the EastMojo. In order to empower viewers and turn participants into producers for meaningful reporting, EastMojo, a virtual mainstream news platform from northeastern India, sources articles from the field and wants to create a community of “news responsible” viewers.

4. NewsLaundry Media.

In addition to encouraging the utilization of news to appropriate arrangements with diversified news consumption from across languages, societal communities, geographic regions, and philosophies, NewsLaundry Media will start by developing tools to improve website and app ease of access for individuals with sensory impairments. intellectual, and learning difficulties.

5. Mojo Story.

Multimedia content and event business, Mojo Story Through a microsite called Mojo Story, young girls will have access to a safe and monitored online community where they may connect with mentors and peers who share their interests.

6. Scroll Media Inc.

An ML-based solution will be developed by Scroll Media Inc. to mass produce quick news videos for India’s various audiences. Other news organizations will have access to the platform, which intends to facilitate speedy video news production.

On our website, you may learn more about each of the chosen projects.

Data Dialogue, a pan-Indian digital news program in 10 Indian languages, is now accepting applications.

The GNI, in collaboration with DataLEADS, is extending registrations for Data Conversation, a pan-India digital news series, to reporters, editors, and faculty members as part of our dedication to assisting Indian journalists in developing their digital abilities. The training sessions, which will be conducted in 20 locations throughout India in English and a few Indian languages beginning next month, will be led by digital news professionals and instructors from the GNI Indian Network Training.

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