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Google And The New Search Technology – Now Search Using The Videos In The Google

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In India, among the search behemoth’s major markets, Google is introducing cutting-edge search technology, such as bilingual search rankings and in-video research.

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The main search tools were presented during Google’s ninth Google For India event this week:

  • Lookup in video
  • Results of bilingual searches
  • Language-based voice search
  • Google Pay’s natural language search
  • Google Pay’s speech recognition search

We are going to discuss the new search technologies led by Google. All of us – consumers of the android – would be automatically, get into the car.

Keep reading to learn more about the Google and the New Search technology.

1. Browse Videos – How to Use the In-Search Video

Google has released the guidelines on the in-search video. YouTube videos can now be searched for using Google. Tap “Find in the video” when you’re viewing a YouTube video and type the phrase you wish to jump to.

Browse Videos

2. Results of bilingual searches

In India, Google is introducing bidirectional search terms, providing English results associated with initials in the user’s native tongue.

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3. According to a blog post from Google – Bilingual

Language demands in India are evolving and getting more diverse, and we are observing this in how individuals search. It’s noteworthy that most Google users in India use multiple languages.

We are now offering bilingual search engine results pages for those who prefer it in order to make it simpler for those who are fluent in multiple languages to search for and need to look.

4. Transcribing from Handwriting to Text

Google is developing a function for Google Glass that converts medical professionals’ handwriting into readable text.

Google states that this functionality is designed for medical practitioners but hasn’t given a specific launch date.

However, as this technology progresses, it might eventually result in additional application applications.

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5. Google India welcomes the updates and appreciate the Effort of Google

India is a developing country, and the search technology of Google seems like a miracle, But it will only become better for the students and professionals who use it right the day.

Soon, the Americans will stop the Chinese from doing any better work at quite affordable rates. Both special agents can get in a matter of few minutes They at least smile at us, and we will back at them. So, the international audience should work now, and prepare their reports.


Google wishes to assist more people, particularly Indians, in simply and instinctively using their voice to ask any questions. We’re releasing a new voice recognition reference model that can comprehend Hinglish speakers better. Google achieves this by employing a novel voice recognition model influenced by neural networks that consider the speaker’s accent, background noise, context, and way of speaking.

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