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Google And The India Supreme Court – What Is Going On?

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According to two people familiar with Google’s approach, the firm is getting ready to file a petition with the Supreme Court of India in the coming days to challenge a decision made by the nation’s antitrust agency that will require it to alter the way it promotes its Android platform.

The Alphabet Inc company was fined $161 million by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in October for abusing its top ranking in the Android market, which runs 97% of smartphones in India, an important growth market for the United States.

The primary national league regulator in India is the Competition Commission of India. It is a legal organization within the Department of Corporate Affairs and is in charge of upholding the Competition. So, CCI decisions matter to a greater extent.

Let Us Learn About the Issue First

What is the issue that is causing Google to go to the courts of India first? According to the insider, Google feels that parts of CCI’s directions cannot be carried out and doesn’t have any other option” except to petition the Supreme Court for remedy.

Google licenses its Android operating system to smartphone manufacturers, but detractors claim that it enforces anti-competitive limitations including the requirement to pre-install Google’s own apps. Such contracts, according to the corporation, hopefully, maintain the version of windows open source.

Google Entering the Legal Fight with India’s Antitrust Verdict

Google has indeed been concerned about the Indian verdict, as the solutions mandated are viewed as more extensive than the European Commission’s historic 2018 judgment for placing unlawful limitations on manufacturers of Android mobile devices. In that instance, Google has contested the record-breaking $4.3 billion penalties.

Google entering the legal fight with india’s antitrust verdict supreme court

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by a Google spokesman.

The antitrust watchdog’s deadline of January 19 to apply changes to its methodology is drawing near, and Google is now preparing to file a court fight at the Supreme Court of India, according to the first individual with actual knowledge.

The Supreme Court’s action will follow Google’s loss on Wednesday when a court denied its request to overturn the antitrust decision. The business argued that.

Google’s Filing Against The Indian Verdict

The CCI decided in October that the pre-installation of Google search engines, the Chrome browser, YouTube, or other Google applications “must not be associated with the licensing of Google’s Google Playstore.”

Furthermore, Google claimed in its papers that the CCI’s investigation section replicated portions of a European 2018 judgment against the U.S. company.

So, Google claims in a document submitted to an Indian appellate tribunal that the CCI’s investigative unit “copied heavily from a European Commission judgment, employing findings from Europe that was not considered in India.”

Google said in its submission, which is private but was examined by Reuters, that there were “more than 50 instances of retyping,” in some cases “word by word,” and the regulator had wrongly ignored the problem.

Google’s mobile app delivery policies are pro-competitive and not discriminatory or exclusive, according to the Commission, which “failed to undertake an unbiased, fair, and legally correct inquiry.”

These accusations have received no response from the CCI or the European Commission.


The war is going on, and the answers will be submitted by the Indian government or CCI soon. Google may win, but we all know that the reservations of the CCI are true, fair, and unbiased. So, let us see who wins.

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