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FTMO Review 2023: Is Proprietary Trading Worth The Investment?

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You know, being a professional trader isn’t all about experience. Sometimes it’s the lack of capital that’s the real stumbling block. That’s where a proprietary trading firm like FTMO comes into play, offering that golden opportunity to fund traders like you if you can meet—or even better, surpass—their profit targets and trading objectives.

Are you a forex, swing, or day trader looking for new opportunities? The FTMO challenge might be your ticket to becoming an FTMO-funded trader.

Can you see yourself stepping up to the plate? Let’s explore how you can get started on this FTMO review.

What is FTMO?

FTMO is not just a proprietary trading firm but a hub connecting aspiring traders with real capital. Situated in the Czech Republic, it’s a gateway focusing mainly on the Forex market, but don’t worry, commodities, crypto, and indices are also on the menu.

Imagine a challenge and a two-step evaluation process: the FTMO Challenge and the Verification Stage. Nail both, and you become an FTMO trader with a trading account that could range up to $400,000 ($2M with a scaling plan). It’s quite an opportunity, isn’t it?

How FTMO Started

FTMO’s story began in 2014 in a Prague office where three traders teamed up. They transformed a concept into what is now known as one of the best prop trading firms. Their combined intellect led to a system that managed risk and constantly innovated.

How does FTMO work?

This is where it gets real. The FTMO evaluation process is more than just a test; it’s an opportunity. It’s broken down into three main stages—the FTMO Challenge, Verification, and Become an FTMO Trader—to spotlight talented traders who could manage the firm’s capital.

FTMO Pricing

Pricing in FTMO is like choosing your battlefield. It starts at €155, scaling up to €1080. Depending on the FTMO challenge you choose, your trading capital will vary.

For example:

  • €155 FTMO Challenge: €10,000 trading capital.
  • €250 FTMO Challenge: €10,000 trading capital.
  • Compete in the FTMO Challenge Swing with €20,000 trading capital.

FTMO Features

Ftmo features proprietary trading firm

FTMO isn’t just another trading platform; it’s equipped with intriguing features tailored to make your trading journey smoother and more insightful. Let’s explore these features and see if FTMO is superior to TopStep?” them together:

1. Account Metrix

As you move closer to becoming an FTMO Trader, it provides you with essential insights into your trading objectives and statistics. It’s like having a road map to success!

2. Account Analysis

This unbiased analysis is prepared after your Challenge, offering clear insights into areas you could enhance your strategy. It’s not about judgment; it’s about growth and development.

3. Statistical App

This application brings data-driven probabilities to your fingertips, assisting you in making wiser decisions and boosting profitability. It’s not magic; it’s mathematics working for you.

4. Trading Journal

It is simple to use and keeps track of your results, thoughts, and feelings about your trades. It doesn’t just record; it aids you in retrospective analysis, helping you sharpen your future trading. This tool makes it one of the best-funded stock trading accounts you can find out there online.

5. Mentor App

This unique application strengthens your discipline by enforcing rules and risk limits, all while being compatible with popular platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader. It’s your digital coach!

6. Equity Simulator

Ever wished you could foresee possible outcomes? This tool lets you simulate equity curve outcomes, helping you comprehend and manage the ups and downs of your strategies. It’s as if you’re rehearsing for a live performance with real stakes.

7. Economic Calendar

This helpful tool informs you about market-moving news and scheduled economic events, allowing you to anticipate potential market volatility and plan your strategies accordingly. It’s like having a weather forecast for the financial market!


  • Variety in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • 90% profit share with revenue share.
  • Trade for a prop enterprise company without risking your funds.
  • A refundable fee after the evaluation stage is over.
  • Support and education along your trading journey.


  • Two verification stages to complete.
  • Not suitable for stocks and derivatives investments.

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly dissecting FTMO, it indeed emerges as an exceptional proprietary trading firm. It’s a pathway for skilled traders like you, a challenging yet fruitful environment that demands discipline but rewards consistency.

With generous profit-sharing, refund of the initial fee, educational resources, performance coaching, and community support, FTMO is an appealing prospect. Is this proprietary trading firm worth the investment? Absolutely.

And with the FTMO free trial, it might just be the next stage in your trading career. It’s your call, your opportunity, and your future in trading. So ready to take the leap? Click here to sign up for FTMO and embark on your trading journey today.

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