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Fastest growing fintech companies in India

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Finance and technologies today play a key role in the Indian markets allowing people to make transactions for various purposes. The fintech companies aim at combining both finance and technology that streamline the distribution of digital payments. There are several fintech companies in India that are emerging over recent years due to the revolution of digital technologies. However, some of them already gained more popularity because they show methods to make transactions as soon as possible.

Here are some successful fintech start-ups in India which cater to the needs of users.

1. NeoGrowth

Neogrowth fintech companies

NeoGrowth is the fastest growing fintech company in India that offers loans for small and medium enterprises. In fact, it allows them to get loans quickly with collateral-free and minimal paperwork. The company’s objective is to fund small businesses by leveraging the digital ecosystem. Furthermore, it is targeting to disburse loans up to Rs.1600 crores by the end of this year.

2. Capital float

Capital float fintech companies

Capital float is also one of the topmost startup fintech companies in India because it provides loans for all sizes of businesses with collateral-free. The company also partnered with other leading fintech firms such as PayTM and Uber to reach small and medium businesses. Apart from that, it enables customers to avail loans within 3 days. The SME lending platform disbursed nearly 1000 crores so far to customers.

3Lending Kart

Lendingcart fintech companies

Lending Kart is a growing company that offers loans for small and medium enterprises without any collateral. The loan distribution is a simple one that allows businesses to grow in the markets. Furthermore, the lending platform doesn’t charge any processing fees while processing loan amounts to customers.

4. Kredx

Kredx fintech companies

Kredx is a fintech platform that facilitates short term working capital of small and medium enterprises. In fact, the company provides loans by discounting their unpaid invoices of blue-chip companies. Customers will receive amounts within 3 months which ultimately help to enhance the cash flow to a large extent.

5. InstaKash

Instakash fintech companies

InstaKash is one of the promising startup fintech companies in India which offers business loans and line of credit to small businesses. It empowers anyone to process a loan amount on their smart phone in quick turnaround time.

6. LoanXpress

Loanxpress fintech companies

LoanXpress is also of the fastest growing fintech companies in India which offer 35+ types of business loans in the markets. Multiple vendors can avail loans with a single application after downloading the app on their mobile phones.

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