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Famous Female entrepreneurs, lesser known to the world!

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Every now and then, you would hear stories about inspiring female entrepreneurs. Yes, the world has seen many fascinating women, who have changed and redefined the way of doing business. Just like men, female entrepreneurs also have secret traits. They know how to handle challenges and put forward impressive ideas. With this being said, here are few famous female entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories.

#1 Alyssa Nobriga

Alyssa nobriga is a famous female entrepreneur

Alyssa Nobriga heads the “Alyssa Nobriga International”. This is a leadership coaching unit, which helps people learn from their mistakes and take ownership of everything they uncover.

Famous quote: “I am willing to take full responsibility for my wins and losses”.

Alyssa Nobriga strongly believes that this attitude helps her take up challenges, regardless of how big and difficult they are.

#2 Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah anne stewart

Sarah Anne Stewart is a famous health practitioner. She is a health coach, who has helped thousands of people bounce back. What makes Stewart special would be her ability to connect personal and business life. Most of the time, you will hear her share personal stories with a priceless message. You will never find this entrepreneur’s takes salesy.

#3 Kylie McBeath

Kylie mcbeath female entrepreneur

Zura Health is famous around the world. This is the brainchild of Kylie McBeath. She claims vulnerability as a major reason behind her success. It is mainly because vulnerability gives mankind the wisdom to share, and feel more engaged. In fact, many female entrepreneurs have stressed the importance of vulnerability.

Famous quote: “Vulnerability can be scary …. the more you realize it, the more support you get”. 

#4 Rachel Luna 

Rachel luna is a business entrepreneur

Rachel specializes in sales and mindset. She manages the Rachel Luna & Company. Rachel is often known for her talks about confidence. She is a believer, and has endless talks, and posts on how to leverage confidence. Rachel was never an entrepreneur to begin with. But, her interactions with thousands of clients made her a true professional.

#5 Samantha Skelly

Samantha skelly

“Hungry for Happiness & Pause Breakthrough” is Skelly’s brainchild. She is a famous spiritual teacher and has authored best sellers. As you read her books, you will come across golden rules that can turn your business into seven-digit revenue generator.

#6 Natalie MacNeil 

Natalie macneil

Last in our list of successful and inspiring female entrepreneurs would be Natalie MacNeil. She is an author and a producer. MacNeil claims that her success story is strongly rooted in her failures. Indeed, she has seen plenty of rejections than many other professionals in her industry!

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