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exerFIT- Your Gateway to a Healthy lifestyle

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exerFIT is a lifestyle nutritional brand that is mainly focused on providing its customers with transparent and clean nutrition and supplements.  In today’s world of fitness, exerFIT serves those who recognize the foundational role it plays in their lives, as everyone strives to be a “keep-fit-fanatic” and various companies profit from this obsession.

We appreciate that, with the deluge of information on nutrition today, one may feel intimidated by the endless ocean of resources, products, and services available. In the new-age wellness industry, where it’s easy to impress with technical jargon, ExerFIT keeps it simple through its honest guidance and clean supplements.

Founded in 2018 in Mumbai, this nutrition brand has a firm belief in transparency over trends. The company was founded by Karan Desai, who has worked for several reputed financial institutions for over 1.5 decades and is currently the Executive Director of a leading NBFC. While thinking of launching exerFIT, he wanted to create an ecosystem of sustainable nutrition. exerFIT is also led by Mr. Sameer Doshi, Partner and Director, and Dr. Naveen Talwar, who is a famous orthopaedic surgeon, as Director.

In contrast to brands these days, which promise instant results, exerFIT takes you on the journey towards wellness step by step. They believe that each individual’s nutritional needs are different; this brand offers its customers proper consultation as per their goals and requirements, and their expert nutritionists keep a check on their client’s health progress.

Healthy lifestyle exerfit

They formulate their uniquely effective and long-term supplements by combining highly researched biomolecules with traditionally used herbal extracts, reflecting their strong belief in transparency over trends. Every ingredient serves a purpose; nothing is added to the namesake.

exerFIT’s supplements are formulated & produced with sharp precision. After passing all the internal quality checks, the product becomes ready to use for consumers. The company produces small batches as opposed to large quantities, to preserve the high quality and freshness of the products. Their manufacturers meet the highest quality standards to ensure that the end product is as effective as possible. The plants are FSSAI, GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 & US-FDA Certified.

exerFIT believes that holistic wellness has always been the need of the hour. With an approach of adopting an integrated plan for nutrition, lifestyle & fitness, they help build strong foundational health through their clinically-researched products and honest health guidance.

With a product range spread across three series, exerFIT has curated supplements that cater to different needs. The Wellness Series formulates its nutrients to enhance absorption and work synergistically to address gaps in your nutrition. Their Vedic Series has all-natural ingredients for those who seek support for therapeutic issues. Their Performance Series is designed for active, athletic, and gym-savvy audiences.

It all started in 2018 with a whey protein range, 1 BCAA, 1 Glutamine, and 3 nutraceuticals. This has expanded into a wider range of performance, wellness, and Vedic Series supplements today. In 2019, ExerFIT’s first Pan-India workshop series began. Since then, it has been a one-for-all educational platform, offering valuable insights about nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness. In addition, they launched their star product, Titanium Whey Protein (Isolate 80:20 Concentrate Blend), which was a first-of-its-kind, no-maltodextrin Whey Protein.

Across the country, we conducted fitness and nutrition webinars and nutrition consultations as our audience expanded. By December NUM0, exerFit set foot in retail supplement stores in various cities in India.

In 2021, exerFIT went international and entered the Dubai market. Their supplements with result-driven formulations received admiration from individuals in all walks of life and even stars like:

  • Hollywood actor-writer-filmmaker Ella Lentini
  • Bollywood singer Shibani Kashyap
  • Indian athletes like hockey star Yuvraj Walmiki
  • Pro-kabaddi athletes Rishank Devadiga & Vishal Mane
  • 4x Powerlifting world record holder Fatema Dhoondia
  • Arjuna Awardee Madhurika Patkar
  • UTT Champion Sanil Shetty
  • Mountaineer Parth Upadhyaya

Having established a firm hold in the offline market, exerFIT looks forward to further developing its D2C online channel. Consequently, this strategic expansion is anticipated to seamlessly integrate the brand into the digital landscape, fostering a broader and more diversified market presence. In doing so, the company aims to create a stronghold in the online sphere, amplifying its growth trajectory and expanding its reach to a wider audience.

Message To The Consumers

We understand the importance of building a healthy lifestyle and we have made it our mission to help people make the right nutrition choices. Our mission is to empower every individual with the right knowledge to achieve their fitness goals.

Always read supplement labels closely. In an industry full of gimmicks, you must stay informed. Pay close attention to the loopholes commonly exploited by companies, including details such as serving sizes and nutrients per serving. Furthermore, understanding these intricacies is essential for making informed choices as consumers. Moreover, clever marketing is enticing; nevertheless, transparent marketing is trustworthy.


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