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Everything You Need To Know About Remote Guarding

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Remote guarding is one of the new concepts in security services, this entails the use of cameras and motion sensors that can identify any threat to the security and safety of buildings, properties, and businesses.

The security force or team is stationed in a remote location and once the security has been threatened, the team will be dispatched to counteract the intruders to prevent them from gaining access to the property.

The video monitors will be situated in a central command space and from there dedicated personnel can be able to monitor every point of entry of the property and quickly identify if there are intruders.

Ensuring that your property is safe and secured at all times can be expensive, especially if you have to hire several security guards to do the job. Remote Guarding services will help you save on such costs since you would not need many guards to secure your property.

Moreover, in cases when there is a real threat to the property, the loss of life can be avoided since trained security forces will be the ones to handle the situation and they will coordinate with the police and authorities.

Thus business and property owners should invest in remote guarding as they can be assured that their properties will be protected at all times. Although some would be concerned that replacing security guards with CCTVS and motion sensors will be the end of the profession and many will lose their jobs but this is not what remote guarding is for, instead, it makes the job of the security guards safer and more efficient.

There will still be security guards but they will be manning and monitoring the camera feeds and those who have advanced training will be part of the security force whose job is to protect the property and avert the security threat. This will be a win-win for the property owner as they can rest easy knowing that their property is safe and secure and be able to have the best kind of security at less cost.

The Benefits of Remote Guarding Services

Benefits of remote guarding services security system

Remote Guarding services is an intelligent security system that can provide round-the-clock security by accessing camera feeds of installed CCTVs around the property or business. It is a versatile system that can be installed in your existing system, it was designed to provide a plug-and-play experience in which it can seamlessly integrate with your system in a few hours after installation.

Once deployed, you can use the system right away to manage and monitor the status of your property in every possible door, window, and access point. If an intruder or thief attempts to break in, the system then alerts the security guards to the threat, and the security guards can take action or call the police for assistance depending on the threat to the life of the intruder.

The primary benefit of this security system is that it is cost-effective. It can probably reduce the costs of maintaining a security system and human guards which at present is also becoming more expensive, and this can be an added cost to the company or property owner which goes into the operating costs. The system is also robust and redundancies are built into the system to ensure that security is provided 24 hours a day coupled with a remote team of guards that can act and be deployed whenever a qualified threat is present.

Also, there is zero downtime as the system is running 24 hours a day and support is available at all times whenever untoward incidents occur. Moreover, the system uses several communication networks that ensures that the command center and the property are always online and can reach each other with whatever emergencies may happen like blackouts or the loss of cellular signal and the like.

Moreover, there is a rapid response time for instances when there is a threat or intruder to the system. The command center can deploy the remote human guards quickly to the property and coordinate with police to provide information that would help catch the security threat. This would mean that there will be a faster response time as Remote Guarding has a positive relationship with the police and law enforcement.

Aside from the issue of security, another important concern is safety. There will be times when natural disasters and accidents can happen and the integrated system of cameras and sensors can also provide you with the needed information to avert accidents or in the event of disasters be able to save your workers and properties.

Where to Find Remote Guarding Services

Remote Guarding services are developed by a group of security professionals who have the experience and skills in keeping any building, home, or property safe and secure.

They have insider knowledge of what is important in surveillance and security work and what will enable them to keep the property secure all the time. you can find remote guarding services on the internet as they have a dedicated website that helps inform potential clients of the kind of work that they provide; you can check them out and see for yourself the advantages of getting a remote guarding system in your property.

They also include several testimonials and reviews from previous clients which can indeed tell you the quality of their work and how satisfied they were with the services of the company. You can also find on the website the contact information of the company in case you want to arrange a meeting with them for consultation.

Once you have a scheduled a meet the company will prepare a proposal and present it during the meeting. They will lay out the security needs of your property and demonstrate how it could best be protected by their system. If you accept their proposal then they can begin to initiate the audit of your properties so that they can start with the deployment of the system. The system includes an AI and an integrated surveillance system which will be the next best thing in security and protection work.

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