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Everything You Need To Know About How To Start A Drive-thru Beverage Business

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What is a drive-thru beverage?

A drive-thru beverage business is the biggest success story during the pandemic for the restaurant industry. It facilitates consumers from picking up food or gravitating to ordering and picking safely from their vehicles.

What do you need to know about starting a drive-thru beverage business?

Planning to open a drive-thru beverage business means you must know a lot of things. To begin with:

Create a plan

Developing a business plan is the first step of any business. As a start-up, understand the customer base and estimate the revenues and costs. Becoming familiar with the customer base, local competition, and your vision ensures you meet financial targets and specific goals. The drive-thru operators in this phase need to develop a menu. Keep cooking equipment and ensure you have space for on-site preparation.


Research the drive-thru beverage industry and visit multiple locations. Get to know what they do and how fast chains manage in public. Ensure you have a dedicated drive-thru concept and get to know how businesses are honing the drive-thru operations. Visit some experienced operators and speak to trade groups to get access to more information and resources.

Pick a location

Choosing or picking a business location should be with care of. It should meet your unique selling proposition, the visibility, and the accessibility of the site. Consider area demographics, nearby competitors’ locations, local traffic patterns, site zoning, and lease terms. If possible, include nearby restrooms, it will help your employees. The space for vehicles to navigate at the site and ascertain disabled customers’ accessibility.

Pick a location drive-thru beverage beverage business

Select technology for ordering

Using technology is helpful as it facilitates remote and on-site ordering. It includes a headset system, software-as-a-service, and point-of-sale to communicate before reaching the drive-thru window. Ordering in advance online, for pickup onsite is a habit for consumers, and it is a must to manage the orders. Integrating in-person and online orders is vital, besides the kitchen display and point-of-sale.

Plan your equipment and construction needs

Many drive-thru operations sell beverages and lease or buy an existing building for operation. While some build from the ground. Know your equipment requirements to begin construction. It helps the design to maximize the order and provide your workers with an ergonomic environment. Determine the business plan, the building design, the menu, and pieces of equipment. Consider drainage and power supply, besides storage space.

Recruit your staff

Take considerable time to train and hire the right employees and make difference in your business. Research and create a business plan, consider essential permits and licenses, hire the staff for the location and promote your beverage business. Hire skilled staff to handle software-as-a-service.

Use promotional signage

Create promotions for your drive-thru business and announce discounts. It will drive traffic to your window. Place promotional materials and augment profits. Ensure people get it in their cars easily as a drive-thru. Speed up your service; do not make the customers wait. Ensure to add new technologies and simplify the menu or consolidate it. Avoid too time-consuming menu items.

Adapt your menu

Begin your drive-thru beverage business focusing on beverages, and slowly offer breakfast. It will become a family activity as you give beverages and breakfast. Focus on the drive-thru, the pickup, and delivery time. Ensure your customers are safe and the work is easy on your staff. Choose to focus on areas offering profits and streamline the service models. If you see an increase in sales, add more hands with skills to manage efficiently.

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