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Everything You Need to Know About House Painting

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Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? If yes, it is important that you prepare well for the painting process. You might need to hire a professional painter or if you have the time and wouldn’t mind the smells and stains that come with paint, you can as well break the ladder out and do the job yourself. To help you with that, here are 8 tips and tricks that will help you do the job, whether it’s an exterior or interior house painting job. If you are looking to paint your home, then you can contact us as we are one of the reputed house construction company located in Bangalore.

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Things you must know when painting a house exterior

1. Only properly cleaned walls to be painted

The paint will not stick if the walls of your home are dirty. It is extremely essential to clean the exterior walls of the home in order to attain the success of the painting project. All the exterior walls of the home should be thoroughly cleaned before the start of the painting work.

2. Do not paint the home during extreme weather conditions

Avoid painting your home during extreme weather conditions. During the months of summer, the paint will tend to dry too fast which might not produce the best of results. Similarly, during the months of winter, the extremely cold weather will allow the paint to dry very slowly. Hence, make sure to paint the exterior of the home during the most ideal season.

3. Painting rotten siding is a waste of time and money

Replace any rotten wood and siding materials before commencing the painting of the home exteriors. A rotten or rotting siding will continue to rot no matter how many coats of paint you lay on it. Hence, it is a waste of time and money when undertaking the painting of the home exteriors with rotten materials.

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4. Use oil-based paints

The paints with added synthetic alkylate or with natural oils, make them more durable than water-based oils. Oil-based paints are strong enough and weather resistant. The oils also make the paints dry very slowly.

Use oil-based paints

Things you must know when painting a house’s interiors

1. It is important to use primer for the walls

Some paints come already mixed with a primer, while others do not. If the paint isn’t already mixed with a primer, it is important that you start by adding the primer to the walls in order to cover up existing stains and/or colours. This will allow the top coat of paint to stick better which gives flawless results.

2. Use latex paints

Latex paints are ideal for the interior walls of the home as they are water-based paints. Their colour retention properties, fast-drying process, and environment-friendly features make them the best options for indoor painting. They also absorb moisture in the areas like kitchen, bathroom, and in laundry rooms. The paints do not produce bad odours when compared to oil-based paints.

3. It helps when you prep the room first

Get everything out of the way before undertaking the painting process. This means moving all the furniture away from the walls and covering them up using plastic sheets, old newspapers, or dry clothes. You will also need to fill any cracks on the wall with spackling.

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4. Boxing is great for uniformity

When we paint the walls with the same colour, we end up with inconsistent colour intensity. In most cases, this comes as a result of unevenly mixed paint gallons. Instead of painting a gallon at a time, it is best that you pour all the gallons into a larger bucket and stir everything up for a smooth, uniform, and more consistent colour. Make sure that the bucket is properly sealed.


Any painting job is complicated for a novice, but exterior house painting is more challenging than interior painting. Always ensure that you seek professional help whenever you feel unsure of what to do. And if you require a full Exterior or Interior makeover, it is advisable that you hire a professional like an Sqft. expert instead of doing it yourself as we are one of the leading house construction companies. If you also want to know about house construction costs in Bangalore, then speak to our experts who will be pleased to assist you in every possible way.

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