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Event Planning Tips For Industry Rookies

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New York is a bustling metropolis filled with a good number of sights and experiences. Almost everything happens in the Big Apple, including some of the world’s most exclusive and high-profile events. But, it is Chicago that strikes a chord with its refreshing culture, from artsy exhibitions to gourmet hubs, sports events, and reverberating music festivals.

There is no doubt that the city comes alive when socialization is involved. This is why it plays a massive role in trendsetting events and hosting some of the most coveted matches, including the world cup. While there is a huge demand for event planning, industry newbies may find it difficult to penetrate a highly competitive market. But not to worry–there are plenty of professional tips and tools from companies based in Chicago that can help you along the way.


– Keep Your Logistics In Check

One of the most challenging aspects of event planning is logistics. It involves securing a venue, materials, and other necessary items, and organizing transport and delivery requirements. There are plenty of considerations when it comes to keeping your logistics in check. For one, you have to pick a venue that can accommodate the number of estimated attendees, including leeway for the possibility of plus ones and unexpected guests. And if you are planning an event during Chicago’s peak seasons, you will have to find venues and partners as early as possible.

Consider picking up a program that can help you map out venues and spaces, which can be useful for making accurate estimates. Even professional event planners in Chicago need an intuitive system to maximize space and ensure that materials, stages, booths, stalls can comfortably fit into an allocated area. Moreover, if you are planning a convention, optimizing the attendees’ route following a category and theme will ensure higher satisfaction. Eventually, you can also remain in communication with stakeholders, suppliers, partners, and merchants to ensure that everyone aligns with space requirements.


– Optimize A Ticketing System

Optimize A Ticketing System Event Planning

If you are working on an event that requires attendees to pay for a ticket or an entrance fee, utilizing a highly optimized ticketing system is essential. This will ensure that nothing goes wrong with billing and numbering. The last thing you want is to invalidate a paying attendee’s ticket because the same barcode or number was given to two others. A crucial aspect of an event’s success, after all, is the positive post-event exposure on social media.


There are companies based in Chicago that offer ticketing systems with features enabling you to compare prices and approximate a reasonable charge that covers capital costs and human resources while leaving room for profit and exposure. With a dedicated system, you also need not to employ a separate credit or debit charging platform, which can increase your cost output on software. Conserving funds is critical in any event, so challenge yourself to opt for more robust software as opposed to single-use platforms.

– Stay On-Track With Changes

Nothing is guaranteed, especially in the day’s closing into an event. A critical merchant may back out, a talent may decide not to show up, or stakeholders might change their minds about big decisions. As an event planner, your goal is to stay on track with these changes and remain assertive to ensure you can accommodate all reasonable requests. Keep detailed notes and stay in communication with everyone involved to keep the team together and avoid misalignment.

Planning an event is tough, especially in competitive Chicago. But with the right organizational skills and the help of useful tools, there is certainly nothing that can stop you from pulling off one of the most enjoyable events.

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