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Eric Blue: The Three Principles Nevly Sticks With

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The challenge of launching a business can keep any CEO up at night. It takes the right idea, proper planning, and productivity to start seeing results. Nothing’s guaranteed, but putting in the necessary work increases the odds.

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Eric Blue, CEO and founder of Nevly, knew early on that his high expectations for the company would not be met unless productivity became optimized. Without good productivity, other companies could move into the growing FinTech industry and steal market share.

A few principles stand out to Blue that help with productivity. Laying them out and implementing the principles became a big priority during the early stages of setting Nevly up.

Three Principles That Lead to Productivity at Nevly

What three principles help with productivity at Nevly? While Blue has his routine, he’s incorporated a few things with the rest of the team to get things done and stay on schedule.

Three Principles That Lead to Productivity at Nevly Hybrid Working Model

The Hybrid 2.0 Working Model

Many companies struggle to figure out a schedule that makes sense for everyone. Some love going into the office and having fewer distractions, while others enjoy working from home. This became an even bigger issue after the COVID-19 pandemic, as workers became forced to work from home and develop opinions on that setup.

Eric Blue’s implemented what’s known as a Hybrid 2.0 Working Model for Nevly. With this setup, the week starts with employees working remotely every Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday serve as in-office days, working together as a team.

The productivity shown in those first four days of the week has allowed Blue to give Fridays off to all employees. Every weekend is a 3-day weekend for staff.

This freedom gives workers more of a life outside work while remaining as productive as possible while on the clock. Free-form creativity still exists, especially when given a chance to work at home (or any creative space) away from the office once a week. Individual thinking can be the root of some of the best ideas for any business. Eric Blue and the Nevly team look to take those new ideas and run them by the team during in-office days.

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Lean Canvas Building Framework

Startup companies use a business model known as Lean Campus, and it’s turned into the most effective setup for Nevly. Influenced by the Lean Startup methodology, it’s a one-page business plan template first introduced by Ash Maurya.

It works as a way to deconstruct an idea and create critical assumptions. Instead of being overwhelmed with elaborate business plans, every person working with Nevly can benefit from a fast, portable, concise, and practical setup.

It’s straightforward to share a one-page business model with anyone who joins the team. The simplicity is also very effective when talking to investors or giving any updates. Nevly works by instantly grabbing the attention of consumers as well as investors.

If people don’t know what Nevly solves within 30 seconds, it’s a challenge selling the product.

Company’s North Star

The final principle involves following the Company’s North Star. From a business perspective, a company’s North Star defines its purpose, products, customers, and potential acquisition. This type of strategic planning is necessary to build success.

The most significant benefits of the North Star strategy are that businesses can understand customers better, there’s a better way to implement organizational promises, and it keeps a team aligned. The last factor is a big selling point for Blue, as he always wants the communication and overall workflow to stay as robust as possible to meet goals.

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How Does Blue Handle His Day-to-Day Work?

As CEO, Eric Blue is always looking at routine as a way to be as productive as possible. He starts his day at 5 AM, praying and meditating before going to the gym. He gives himself two and a half hours between waking up and getting to his desk to get some type of workout in after his quiet time is completed.

In the first hour of the day, he warms up his mind by reading the news or a book for pleasure. By 8:30 AM, that’s when work starts to kick in.

Motivation hasn’t been hard for Eric Blue since launching Nevly. He’s driven by the opportunity to change the face of global financial health with the right tools. His laser focus rubs off on everyone else at the company.

Eric Blue is also a big believer in writing ideas and keeping a journal. This is where many free-form ideas come to life for the CEO. Any new idea can come virtually any time, so carrying a pen and paper to jot something down is always worthwhile.

Blue prefers the old-school method of keeping a journal and writing notes with pen and paper instead of on a computer or with his phone.

Why Strong Principles Matter with Nevly

Eric Blue has high expectations for Nevly, and everything is starting to come together. A lot of his focus stems from what he experienced as a child growing up with a single mom struggling. He wants to help the next generation of moms with their financial health, so the struggle isn’t as bad.

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The CEO knows what he wants and sticks with his principles as long as he sees positive results. While the company is bound to evolve at some point, core principles set the tone and help with workflow.

Nevly’s still in its infancy stages of growth, but Eric Blue’s expectations mean a solid foundation must go into place. Strong, proper principles can make a big difference.

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