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Home Entrepreneur Top five famous entrepreneurs with big failure stories!

Top five famous entrepreneurs with big failure stories!

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Have you ever felt that nothing works well in your life? Do you consider yourself as a loser? And, are you always envious about successful entrepreneurs? If yes, you need to understand that some of the world’s finest entrepreneurs have had “big” failures. And, here are few famous entrepreneurs, to begin with.

Bill Gates 

Bill Gates is a successful and famous entrepreneur

The talk about successful and famous entrepreneurs will be incomplete without Bill Gates. The whole world knows about its richest man. However, he did have a fair share of failures.

One of his biggest flaws would be “Traf-O-Data”. As suggested by its name, this application is designed to capture traffic data and share it with government officials. Though the thought process was amazing – it didn’t go very far.

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Steve Jobs 

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a world-famous entrepreneur, who was known for his failure story! Yes, you read it right. People around the world know about “how” he got fired from the company he founded. In the mid-80s, Steve Jobs was ousted from “Apple”.

Nevertheless, Jobs found a way of re-entering into his dream company. Till date, his vision has pushed Apple towards creativity and stylish devices.

Arianna Huffington 

Arianna Huffington

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When Arianna Huffington wrote and completed her second book – it was rejected by nearly 40 publishers. When she ran for governor, Ms. Huffington secured less than 1 percent of the votes. This didn’t stop Huffington. Soon, she realized the true power of the internet and “The Huffington Post” came to life.

Today, The Huffington Post is one of the most visited websites on the internet. It features real-time news and plenty of interesting articles. And, you will come across many featured posts by Arianna herself.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Do you know that Thomas Edison was thrown out of school? Teachers tagged him as someone who cannot be taught. But, his mother strongly believed in his abilities. She continued with his education and even taught him.

When Edison entered into the workforce, he was fired a number of times. In fact, his attempt to design and build the light bulb was a serious failure. He failed nearly a thousand times. But, he managed to file patents before his death. This includes the stunning light bulb and the movie projector.

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Walt Disney 

Walt Disney

The talk about famous entrepreneurs who failed will be incomplete without Walt Disney. He was rejected for not being creative. He was tormented by audiences who drank, screamed, and even swore naked. Still, Walt Disney overcomes all these obstacles and emerged successful.

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