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Top 5 Famous Australian CEO’s

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When it comes to Entrepreneurial activities, Australia is not much behind, although not considered as a hotbed. There are a few business magnets who have managed to be on the list of famous Australians.

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5 Best CEOs in Australia

1. Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is a famous Australian entrepreneur

His full name is Keith Rupert Murdoch and is among the famous Australian entrepreneurs. He was born in March 1931 & counted among the world’s most prolific entrepreneurs. He is an Australian-American and at 21 years of age had inherited from his father, Australia’s News Limited. He became its managing director. He then went on to acquire different Australia & New Zealand based newspapers during the 1950s & 60s. He also expanded his horizon in the UK and acquired ‘News of the World’, ‘The Sun’ & ‘The Times’. In 1974, he entered the U.S. market and relinquished his Australian citizenship. He also formed Fox News Channel & Fox Television Network in 1996 and was among the famous Australian entrepreneurs’ News Corporation, his global media-holding firm grew after the acquisition of HarperCollins and currently enjoys USD 7.5 billion market cap.

2. Katie Page

Katie Page best CEO in Australia

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She is among the famous Australians who have made in this list. She is Harvey Norman’s, Chief Executive. She launched this department store in 1982 along with Gerry Harvey, her husband. There are currently over 200 stores across the globe. Her company is also listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). She is also considered to be among the best CEOs in Australia. She is among the fortunate 4% of women in Australia to hold a senior executive level position. Her net worth is over $50 million making her the richest Australian female executive. Last year, her company generated approximately AUD 5.66 billion in revenue from sales.

3. John Ilhan

John Ilhan

He was born on 23rd January 1965 in Yozgat, Turkey, and migrated to Australia when he was 5 years old. He grew up in the working-class in Broadmeadows in northwest Melbourne & is among the famous Australian entrepreneurs. He sold Ford automobiles for some time and then became a sales associate at a leading electrical & telephone retailer named Strathfield Car Radios. He opened a mobile phone store in 1991 and slowly formed a retail chain across Australia. By 38 years of age, he had accumulated over AUD 200 million and was listed among famous Australians under 40.

4. Adala Bolto

Adala Bolto

She founded Zadi Training, a women’s boutique gym chain in 2017. She is credited with developing a fitness empire going against her critics who did not believe in her vision. Her ‘personal training’ background helped her to maintain a positive attitude especially in a competitive industry dominated by men. Her success is what has helped her to be listed among the best CEOs in Australia. She recommends listening to critic’s assessments with great patience & an open mind to develop an excellent relationship with them. She also highlights the need to build self-confidence especially when others fail to trust & support your ideas. She is planning to make further expansions to 50 locations within a couple of years.

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5. Nicole Lamond

Nicole Lamond

She is one of the famous Australian entrepreneurs and is the CEO & Co-Founder of Eloments. She partnered with Woolworths, the Aussie supermarket giant within six months of her establishing her vitamin tea firm. Retailers & consumers loved her innovative product. Within 8 days, she is credited with raising equity capital as she managed to attract Organic X Labs-based investors. She credits her success to sound market investment strategy as well as distribution partner quality in the business. She also has qualified advisors on her board and is counted among the best CEOs in Australia.

The above are the 5 famous Australians who have made Australia proud!

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