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Isidoro Quiroga, the Chilean entrepreneur behind some of the world’s greatest business milestones

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Admired by many for his great innovative capacity while known for being a discreet person who likes to be with his family, he began his career in the seventies in his native Chile. The companies he managed grew in importance until he consolidated them all in his macro project, the holding Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín, in which he works side by side with his sons and close ones.

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There are many Latin entrepreneurs and successful Latin businesses, but not many have achieved as much as Isidoro Quiroga has. He has managed to take existing companies in the food sector to resounding success, just as he has founded companies and taken them forward to achieve unparalleled returns.

Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín makes investments in the areas of hydraulic energy, mining and food in Chile, Latin America and different regions of the world. They participate in mining companies in Australia, as well as in ventures in Colombia and Argentina. In the latter, they manage companies dedicated to mining, water resources and also to the production of olive oil and wines in the Andes region.

He is the founder and part of the Board of Directors Committee of some of the largest companies in Chile. Through Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín, Isidoro Quiroga participates in companies in the rest of the continent and in different parts of the world.

His brilliant and shrewd business vision has made him one of the most influential, powerful and well-known businessmen in the Chilean and Latin American scenario, but his investments are not limited to these regions. His global mentality led him to detect good opportunities throughout the world.

Quiroga is known for being a businessman with an eagle’s eye for spotting good investment opportunities and, above all, for managing the companies he acquires. His leadership skills and years of experience in the business world have made him an expert in high-level management.

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In 2017, he reached global success when he sold Australis Seafoods to the Chinese company Joyvio (parent company of Lenovo) for US$91.6 million. He had bought the company in 2003, changed it from its core and transformed it into an international exporting salmon company.

Earlier this year, Quiroga sold California-based energy company Enphase Energy for $819 million. Enphase Energy is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of home energy solutions, whether through solar, home energy storage or monitoring. Quiroga had bought it in 2018 for $20 million and in return took 9,523,809 million shares, at a value of $2.10 each. Now, he sold 13,548,476 shares and received US$60.5 per unit, making a profit of approximately US$735 million.

He is not afraid of challenges and that is why nowadays he is searching for new investment opportunities. Apparently, he has set his eyes in Silicon Valley in California, birthplace of staple companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Airbnb and more. It should come as no surprise to anyone that a businessman who has managed, adapted and modernized different companies plans to invest in the world’s leading-edge technology center.

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