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7 Pieces of Advice By Paul Haarman Every New Entrepreneur Should Know

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When you start a business, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have been where you are and do what you want to do to offer great advice on starting and growing a company.

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Here is a list of seven you should consider says Paul Haarman:

1) Networking:

This is probably one of the best ways to get your name out there as an entrepreneur. You never know who knows who or who will be willing to help you in the future if they like what they see now. This also serves as an excellent opportunity for potential investors and new employees down the road if your business takes off!  Networking also sets up networking opportunities with those that may lead to strategic partnerships with other companies or products.

2) Have a Plan:

Make sure to have a detailed plan with specific and measurable goals. Setting audacious but obtainable targets is an excellent way to keep your company focused on its mission and not get side-tracked by trivial decisions or unimportant issues. When multiple people are working together, it is easy for their focus to shift from the “bigger picture” and deviate onto other tangents that may seem important at the time but just take up valuable time.

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3) Be completely prepared:

Do your research before you start anything! This means knowing everything about the industry you are going into, what customers will want to see in terms of products, what competitors are doing, where potential pitfalls you need to prepare for in advance, and knowing exactly who your target audience is. This will help you save time later when things start to get rough with the business.

4) Hire professionals:

Hire professionals Entrepreneur

As per Paul Haarman, know when to hire professional help! You don’t need to be a mechanic if you are opening up an auto shop. It’s great that you know how cars work, but there is no need for you to spend all day bent over under car hoods trying to diagnose engine problems. There are different kinds of entrepreneurs with other skill sets, so choose wisely which skillsets should be brought in by hiring outside help or training directed employees.

5) Be mindful of money:

Don’t let money management distract from running the company – it can be hard enough just to keep the company afloat! However, it is still essential to spend money efficiently and learn where you can cut costs. There are plenty of great small business management tools out there that will help you save time and money – just do a little research on which ones would be the best for your company.

6) Always have objectives:

This relates to having clear goals and a plan to accomplish them. Dreams give you an easier way to track yourself against those points of discussion mentioned earlier if they start getting off-topic and provide new employees with a simple way of knowing what needs to be done without getting lost in details. Ensure these objectives are measurable, so everyone involved knows what success looks like and how close or far away from each goal.

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7) Keep it fun:

No matter what – always make sure your business is a place where people want to come and spend their days! This will be critical in keeping staff motivated, productive, and overall happy with their jobs. If you become stressed out about the time spent running your own company, it may be time to hire someone else who can take some of that weight off your shoulders.

For any business to succeed, there has to be a sense of teamwork throughout everyone involved – from contractors to management. Although it sounds cliché, communication is vital in every effort made by employees working together towards a common goal or vision. Make sure everyone’s priorities are clear, and you’ll find yourself building a better company together.

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