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Employee Wellness Program Ideas and Tips for Healthy Living

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Having successful employee wellness program ideas gives an engaging feel. It assures the robust health of the employees at work and is cared for by their employers. The key is in encouraging well-being and getting the team engaged with good ideas. Trying new ideas, making initiatives fun, and seeing the team values are beneficial. Implementing wellness programs in the workplace or office is a contribution that reveals the companies are good.

List of employee wellness program ideas

  1. Monday motivations session
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Reward loyal employees
  4. Partner with wellness experts
  5. Fun games and activities
  6. Promote and reward healthy eating habits
  7. Plants in the office
  8. Walking challenges
  9. Healthy meals in the office
  10. Offer mental health support
  11. Encourage breaks
  12. Indoor games
  13. Practice gratitude
  14. Group outings
  15. Yoga days

Employee wellness program ideas


Managing and designing employee wellness program ideas is a crucial step. It improves the productivity and health of employees. It improves potentially employer-provided overall health care.  The benefit of the wellness programs include:

  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Low health care costs
  • Reducing injuries
  • Reducing disability-related costs and workers compensation
  • Achieving higher employee productivity
  • Improving employee loyalty and morale

Employee wellness tips

The health insurance cost is ever-increasing and has the employee’s health importance that employers consider implementing a wellness program. The aim is that this program of wellness should benefit the employers and employee’s health. If your employees don’t have private healthcare then you should encourage them to take this as they never know when something major will happen. Healthcare isn’t cheap and insurance will cover the majority of any treatments they may need. They can also use private healthcare as a tax deduction, this may prove to be a huge perk. It is still essential that employees look after their health and wellbeing. Here are a few employee wellness tips:

Reward and Promote healthy eating habits

Eating properly is an overall wellness tips for employees. It is not easy to address healthy eating in the workplace. Especially with the pandemic, employees are not in the office. Employers can create some rewards and nutrition challenges for the employees to take to building healthier eating habits. Giving points is to include logging snacks and meals, attending nutrition webinars and seminars, or navigating eating habits. Reward healthy eating behaviors by transferring the points into prizes.

Create a list of employee wellness program ideas and engage them holistically. Ensure the healthcare companies give the employees educational activities and modules.  Promoting healthy behavior with challenges and themes in association with nutrition ensures mindfulness, physical health, and better sleeping habits.

Squat till you drop

The most effective exercise is overall fitness and health. They are ideal for fat loss and muscle building. Incorporating squats as employee wellness tips and Cincinnati personal training fitness programs in the workplace is challenging. There is an AI-powered wellness platform allowing employers to incorporate squats as a part of their wellness challenges. It will be available as an in-app squat feature for AI to track the movements of the users and to perform the exercise correctly.

Ensure the app is easy-to-use and includes features such as step tracker, heart-rate monitor, calorie tracker, mood tracker, and virtual mindfulness sessions. The added benefit is in the point-based reward program. Each time an employee can win points on completion of tasks and redeem gift cards.

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Provide standing desks

One of the wellness tips for employees is the standing desks. They come in a variety and are in adjustable-height desks allowing users to switch easily between sitting and standing during work. The aspect of switching is a way of getting the best health benefits. Remaining in a fixed position is not healthy while standing or sitting for too long is also not good. It is best to give employees standing desks with timers so that they switch their positions regularly.

Conduct a health fair

Invite local companies and vendors to your office. Ask them to talk about fun wellness activities and nutrition at work. There should be no problem in persuading local businesses and it is a wonderful way of promoting services. Planning and conducting a health fair involves a lot of work, but it is helpful.

Horde a virtual wellness retreat

Investing in the employee wellness program ideas and seeing a return on value is essential. Ensure to horde an expert virtual wellness event and get 90% engagement even from remote teams. Create experiences beyond a zoom meeting by arranging events that are virtual productivity sessions. It should be yoga at a virtual desk, and the meditation classes must cover the wellness event facets. You could also see if they know what does a mental health nurse do, how they can help and see if you can organize one to help your employees.

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